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Our Experts Can Help with Your AdminStudio Implementation

Whether you're working on day-to-day application packaging or a major project such as Windows migration, virtualization or cloud computing, AdminStudio is going to make your job easier. And the faster you can complete your AdminStudio implementation, the sooner you can reap the rewards of its automated MSI packaging, testing and management reporting capabilities.

As with any new solution, however, there's a learning curve. Your staff members must come up to speed on application packaging and Application Readiness best practices. Moreover, they must figure out how to implement and configure the solution, integrate it into your environment and gain proficiency with respect to functionality. That takes time. Perhaps more time than you have.

If so, Flexera Global Consulting Services can help. Our experts can handle all or part of your AdminStudio implementation. They will work closely with you to:

  • Educate your staff on prevailing best practices for application packaging and Windows migration
  • Achieve an operational installation of AdminStudio configured for your unique needs and environment
  • Ensure your staff members acquire the knowledge and skills they need for continued success with AdminStudio

Bottom line: With AdminStudio Implementation Services, you'll achieve faster time-to-value and derive maximum value from your software investment.

Business Problems Addressed:

AdminStudio Implementation encompasses a broad array of deliverables ranging from needs analysis, best practices workshops and documentation to standing up a fully configured operational system, automating processes and mentoring your staff.

You can choose any combination of services you want — creating an implementation engagement that matches your needs and budget. For example, you might choose:

  • A workshop to identify needs and discuss best practices, enabling your staff to do a better job of planning and architecting your implementation
  • Implementation support to guide your staff in installing the software, integrating it with existing systems, selecting optimal configuration settings and ensuring that the system is operating correctly
  • Post-implementation mentoring for your packaging engineers to help them gain full proficiency with the toolset

Delivery Approach:

Because the implementation services are configurable to meet your needs, so too is the delivery approach. You can select the service you want and combine them to create an implementation engagement that matches your needs and budget. Deliverables range from needs analysis/best practices workshop, documentation, automation of activities, mentoring and assisting, and more.

Flexera Delivery Team Composition:

AdminStudio Implementation engagements are conducted by one or more senior consultants and a project manager. These experts have, on average, more than 10 years of experience in application packaging, compatibility testing and remediation, application virtualization and installation. They are fully versed in Application Readiness best practices, as well as AdminStudio functionality. They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your software.