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Consulting Expertise and Proven Methodologies in Application Readiness

Flexera Global Consulting Services accelerates and increases the value of customers’ investments in Flexera Application Readiness solutions. Leveraging their deep subject matter expertise and proven methodologies, our experts help customers implement industry best practices, optimize processes, speed solution deployment and provide staff with the skills and know-how required to automate and manage the application lifecycle. Flexera offers consulting engagements to help re-architect application readiness processes and adopt best practices. These engagements include outsourced application packaging and staff augmentation services, implementation engagements for AdminStudio Suite, App Portal and Workflow Manager, and training to ensure proficiency for successful software packaging services using AdminStudio, migration from Wise Package Studio to AdminStudio and App-V packaging using AdminStudio.


Application Packaging Factory Blueprint
This fast-paced engagement helps you re-architect processes and adopt best practices to create an efficient, highly responsive application packaging factory. Deliverables from these software packaging services include a detailed specification for an end-to-end process that moves applications efficiently from request to delivery. By putting this process in place, you'll eliminate quality issues that disrupt deployments, shorten delivery lead times and enhance your ability to meet tight deadlines.

Operating System Deployment Acceleration Service
This comprehensive engagement helps you capitalize on your investment in SCCM and App Portal by incorporating operating system deployment and application migrations into your enterprise app store. The result is an automated, best practices approach that allows business users to select and schedule migrations quickly and conveniently from your online catalog. This approach accelerates migration, mitigates the impact of migration on users and on the network infrastructure, and eliminates hours of IT effort spent on manual migration tasks.


AdminStudio Implementation
When time is of the essence, take advantage of highly skilled Flexera's senior consultants to accelerate your AdminStudio implementation and readiness. Our software implementation services experts will apply their extensive experience to help you install and configure AdminStudio and fully integrate it into your environment. Additionally, they will educate your staff on best practices and ensure that they acquire the skills they need for continued success with AdminStudio.

App Portal Implementation
This software implementation services offering is your fast path to quickly achieving an operational installation of App Portal configured for your environment. Using a proven methodology, our consultants will ensure that your app store adheres to best practices for software deployment, operating system deployment and hardware requests while giving you complete control of the request, approval and fulfillment process. You can choose from a variety of software implementation services, including design guidance on processes such as catalog browsing and approval workflows, initial catalog setup, catalog maintenance strategy and knowledge transfer that enables you to manage and support App Portal.

Workflow Manager Implementation 
This offering accelerates your implementation of a unified workflow that adheres to application readiness best practices, integrates with external systems and automates the preparation of applications for deployment in multiple formats across multiple platforms. Our skilled professionals will perform every aspect of implementation so you end up with a fully tested, operational Workflow Manager instance that is configured for your environment.

Outsourced Application Packaging and Staff Augmentation
When you have limited resources and tight deadlines for tackling major projects, our Outsourced Application Packaging and Staff Augmentation service can help with your application readiness. This offering augments your staff with experts who can get the job done on time and within budget, whether the project involves migration of fully tested and remediated applications to a new operating system, preparing applications for deployment to virtual formats or increasing the efficiency of your steady-state application packaging process.


Application Readiness Training
We offer a variety of training courses to help you understand how to quickly get the most out of our market-leading application readiness solutions.

AdminStudio Suite MicroConsulting
Sometimes you need just a little help to make big progress. That’s why we have developed a unique online AdminStudio Suite MicroConsulting engagement. Dedicated Flexera Application Readiness experts will provide remote assistance to help you with application packaging, compatibility testing, application virtualization, repackaging, and more. You can also use the time for a Health Check, installation and setup, or where ever you need a little help.