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Code Scanning Made Easy with Flexera Software Composition Audit Services

Speed and accuracy are your top concerns during an M&A or internal audit. You want to acquire high-quality assets free of legal or security issues. You also want to get a handle on undeclared open source software and third party content in your own products to minimize IP and Security risk. For more information, download the datasheet.

Audit Services

Flexera’s team of auditors have examined tens of thousands of software projects in the past 15 years while helping customers understand the composition of their source code– both open source licenses and obligations and open source security issues.

Flexera’s audit team reacted within hours when a critical contribution to an open source community required quick turn around on a forensic code scan of a large collection of micro service code. Adding to the complexity, due to budgetary constraints, we required a relatively strong estimate before the work could begin. Flexera met the deadline and budget estimate which allowed us to meet ours! Great work!

Dell Technologies

We specialize in accurate reports on open source software and dependencies of a target company codebase within short windows of time, where our domain expertise and skill can accelerate decision-making. Our process ensures the highest possible confidentiality and projects are treated on a need-to-know basis.

M&A and Other Due Diligence Events

The emphasis in a (M&A) project is on results that can impact go/no-go decisions, valuation or remediation costs. Flexera acts as an independent third party and delivers accurate and timely audit to meet your deadlines. We alert your organizations to potential legal and security issues that may impact the transaction.

Internal Baseline Audits – Overview and Detailed

Flexera’s audit gets you to a secure and compliant state by identifying all major open source and commercial components in your application. These audits are commonly requested for:

  • Key Product Milestones
  • IP Litigation
  • Supplier Code
  • Open Sourcing Your Project

After your report is delivered to you, Flexera will discuss findings and detailed options to remediate problems uncovered in the audit. At the conclusion of the engagement and review, all materials in Flexera’s possession are deleted unless specific arrangements have been made with the client to preserve them. For more information, download the datasheet.

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  • Datasheet

    Software Audit Services

    Flexera's open source audit team can help you identify undeclared open source software and third party content for M&A, baselining and other due diligence events.

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