IT visibility: are you as secure as you think?

Vulnerability lifecycle management is essential. Hackers—and the havoc they wreak—continue to make headlines and cause headaches for IT leaders. It’s no surprise that 49.5 percent of survey respondents ranked vulnerabilities as the greatest concern. Without complete IT visibility, you may be leaving yourself open to attacks.

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Why is Software Asset Management Important

What is software asset management? Software asset management (SAM) is the business initiative for reclaiming budget and maximizing value by actively governing and automating procurement, usage and deployment of software licenses and subscriptions...

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Cloud 101: Basics of the Cloud

August 17

Cloud management, cloud optimization, cloud spend, cloud migration, cloud modernization—what does it all actually mean?

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Optimizing the Performance and Value of Your ITSM and ITFM

By highlighting usage of technology across your enterprise, Flexera One helps you reallocate IT resources quickly and efficiently, fueling your innovation and growth.

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Flexera One, IT Visibility & Technology Data Standards

Every company on the planet has technology assets to manage. It doesn’t matter if they’re traditional businesses or start-ups, they’ll have a combination of physical, virtual, on-premises, outsourced, SaaS and cloud. The evolution of this...

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Software Vendor Audit Outlook for 2021

Flexera foresees a year of increased audits activity in 2021 for two reasons: The ongoing recession has caused flat or decreased sales in sales for some software companies, so those vendors are turning to audits to make up lost revenue; and...

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Solution Brief

IT Asset Management

Maximize the value of your IT assets and minimize your risk.

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Cloudy IT Visibility? It’s Time for ITAM to Have a Seat at the Table

Understanding the risk and opportunities of cloud management—and how you can better align your IT asset management (ITAM) to C-level business objectives—are essential to continuing the rise of ITAM in the cloud arena.

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Growth of SaaS Opportunities, things you should know

There is Exponential SaaS Industry Growth Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a critical part of everyday business. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move from on-premises software to SaaS. Today 71% of organizations are deploying SaaS...

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