IT asset management: trends, challenges and initiatives in an ever-evolving field

IT environments have been undergoing significant change in recent years due in large part to advances in the way we procure and consume resources. The digital transformation of the enterprise is accelerating across all industry verticals, bringing complexities...

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Solution Brief

How Flexera’s focus on data optimizes ITSM and ITFM

Now is the time to make bold investments in capabilities that will help you leverage a better-together approach with your IT asset management, IT service management and IT financial management via Flexera One. Discover how today.

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It’s time for a holistic view of your IT assets—or else

We’re experiencing a technological revolution like never before. Organizations must constantly adapt in order to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Keeping your technology assets secure, well-governed and cost effective is no easy feat.

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Flexera 2022 State of ITAM Report

The 2022 report provides insight into the makeup and focus of ITAM teams across a wide range of organizations, while highlighting trends in the new responsibilities and challenges these teams face.

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Flexera 2022 State of ITAM Webinar

November 9

Discover the challenges other pros are facing as ITAM rapidly expands beyond on-premises into public cloud, hybrid cloud and SaaS.

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Predict and Plan Accurately with Comprehensive IT Insights

Flexera’s unique and patented capabilities enable situational awareness around your technology investments, costs and security risks.

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Cloud 201: Beyond the Basics

November 16

Learn in more detail about compute and storage offerings of cloud providers, how they differ, and to which use cases they’re best suited.

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Case Study

Brewing Better IT Visibility for a Global Beer Giant

When Carlsberg A/S, the maker of “probably the best beer in the world,” needed to update its IT infrastructure, it trusted Flexera’s ITAM solution to realize substantial cost savings and increase efficiency.

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Constellation Conversations: Jason Patterson discusses ITAM and ITSM differences

Ray Wang of Constellation Research talks with Jason Patterson, director, business value advisory at Flexera. They discuss how ITAM and ITSM differ and how together they can enhance each other’s value to the organization.

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