Flexera Monthly Demo Webinar

June 29

Join us for an interactive demo that will show you how Flexera One can help you drive your digital transformation journey—and maximize your technology investments.

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Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report

The inaugural Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report takes a deep dive into the latest IT asset management insights, including hybrid IT infrastructure and vulnerability trends.

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Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report Webinar

July 22

Join us as we dive deeper into the inaugural Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report, shedding light on what’s happening with information technology.

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The IT visibility you need to accelerate your business

Much is hidden in your IT estate, from on-premises to the cloud. If you could see inside, imagine all you could optimize: security, resource allocation, spend and agility. Flexera delivers the visibility you need to optimize the value of your technology and accelerate your business.

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What is FinOps?

It seems like there’s always another “ops” on the way; in fact, it’s common slang among techies to use “YA” (yet another) in front of the latest and greatest industry acronym. From the early days of the union of cloud computing and the agile development methodology...

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Introducing Flexera IBM Cloud Paks Sub-Capacity in Kubernetes Orchestration

IBM Cloud Paks are integrated software solutions built on the Red Hat open hybrid cloud platform, enabling you to deploy anywhere in the Kubernetes container environment that builds on top of the open-source Kubernetes orchestration technology.

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Virtual Event

ITAM Review Cloud Technology Summit

June 24 | Online

Cloud usage is continuing to grow – and so too is the opportunity for ITAM professionals to get involved and make some significant savings, changes, and impressions within organisations. Businesses the world over have adopted cloud as a key part of their strategy to transform, grow, and succeed and so ITAM must also look to, and embrace, the cloud. 

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How Nike Harnessed the Power of ITAM to Drive Value

Join former Nike IT executive Jason Patterson to hear critical insights on how to deliver business value and establish an optimized ITAM program.

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German Event

Flexera Connect 2021

September 22 - September 23

This year, our customer event Flexera Connect takes place in Munich. This free conference offers lots of interesting and exciting news about Flexera.

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