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Driving ROI - The Case for a Proven Software Asset Management Solution

Software has become a ubiquitous and essential part of today’s competitive business environment. Hobson & Company (H&C) explores these challenges and explains how to deliver a quick and compelling ROI.

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CVE-2019-0708: Winter Doesn’t Have to Come Today

For those of you not in love with Game of Thrones Season 8 (see the petition asking HBO to redo this season), Microsoft Patch Tuesday is offering its own degree of dramatic flare.   On Tuesday, May 14, Simon Pope, Director of Incident Response,...

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The process of deciding the relative importance of a thing

What does your to do list look like? If it’s anything like mine, it includes things like grocery shopping, laundry, buying dog food, putting gas in the car, sweeping the floor, walking the dog, and cooking dinner. Colloquial wisdom holds that a good...

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Recent RDS Vulnerability, and What EOL Software Means for You

Once again, a vulnerability has been discovered in older Microsoft Windows operating systems that will likely lead to some long nights and grumpy IT personnel. When a situation like this presents itself the first thing that should be done is to take...

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So What is Threat Intelligence, Anyway?

One of the newest buzzwords in security is Threat Intelligence. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and everyone is talking about it. But does it really justify the buzz? What makes it different than standard threat scoring that’s been around...

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Six Must-Do Steps To Modernize Your Software Asset Management

Discover the six critical shifts that ITAM and SAM teams must make to modernize and remain relevant in the new technology landscape.

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TBM is good for federal IT — extending TBM’s value down to the product level is even better

It should be no surprise that the buzz around Technology Business Management (TBM) is catching on rapidly within the federal government. As in the commercial sector, more and more federal leaders are finding that the unique structure, discipline,...

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A Six-Step Framework For Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Get the multi-cloud strategy eBook with a 6-step framework to help you define and implement a successful approach to using IaaS and PaaS.

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Unify and Simplify Application Management With One Tool

Make short work of updates, new releases, new apps, Windows 10 migrations, virtualization and other application deployment chores. With Flexera AdminStudio 2019, your organization’s ever-growing  IT needs have a comprehensive application-readiness solution. It even enables automated batch conversion for the new MSIX format. AdminStudio is ready to help you effectively manage whatever’s next.

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