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What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

Software asset management (SAM) is the initiative within an organization focused on effectively purchasing, deploying, managing, optimizing and retiring software assets and resources. Alongside hardware asset management (HAM), SAM is an essential function of IT asset management (ITAM), which aims to efficiently administer, govern and reconcile IT resources used throughout the organization.

License Optimization to Reduce Spend and Compliance Risk

This is software and IT asset management scaled for enterprises. Let us show you how better license management can save you money and time through software license optimization. And how you can manage your vendor relationships and contracts more efficiently for better results.

Flexera FlexNet Manager software and IT (information technology) asset management solutions manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location, from the desktop to the data center to the cloud. We'll give your organization a growth path and roadmap for success. Manage and reduce spend on applications from Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Symantec and SAP.



In 2021, ITAM must evolve and expand beyond compliance and ensure they’re aligned with strategic IT initiatives across complex hybrid IT environments. Get Flexera's State of ITAM report for the latest trends in software and IT asset management usage.

Key advantages to software and IT asset management

  • Manage and optimize the most complex multi-vendor software licensing challenges
  • Integrations with leading ITSM vendors

4 Powerful Solutions


Optimize your software licenses across desktops, laptops, and other client devices. FlexNet Manager for Clients automatically applies product use rights acquired through software license agreements from desktop vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec. Product use rights can dramatically affect the number of licenses consumed by an organization, and must therefore be considered to minimize costs and ensure license compliance.


Now you can:

  • Flexera's technology asset management allows you to optimize license consumption to reduce software costs.
  • Increase capacity to proactively manage and track software license compliance
  • Reduce risk of unbudgeted true-up expenses
  • Improve vendor negotiations with better visibility and forecasting
  • Reduce software maintenance spend
  • Track application usage to reclaim licenses, optimize renewals and reduce denials of service


Key advantages: 

  • Industry-first ‘What If’ analysis capabilities that allow organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position before the changes are made
  • Includes the extensive content of the Application Recognition Library with recognition rules to identify software—including publisher, title, version, and edition—for more than 304,309 software titles from 17,979 publishers across multiple platforms


It's difficult to know what’s happening across your data centers–until now. No matter what your challenges, FlexNet Manager for Data Centers can help you get control. You get visibility and insight for all your assets with our powerful, easy-to-use, role-based Data Analytics Dashboards.


Now you can:

  • Collect an accurate and comprehensive inventory of complex and business-critical data center applications
  • Manage and reduce spend on data center applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, VMware and others
  • Automate complex SAM processes to reduce manual effort and save time
  • Collect inventory of software running in containers


Key advantages:

  • Support of IBM® license models (PVU), (UVU), (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User
  • Support for a wide range of Microsoft license models including server + CAL, processor, and core-based licenses
  • Optimization of Microsoft CALs
  • Automated license reconciliation for Oracle® Database, E-Business Suite, WebLogic and other products
  • Closes the gap for managing containers, increasing efficieny and scale to optimize software in your IT environment both on-premises and in the cloud


Managing SAP® licenses can require significant time and effort. It's difficult to get an accurate handle on license requirements and position. And not knowing what applications are indirectly accessing SAP data can cost you big time. We’ll help you navigate SAP for business success.


Now you can:

  • Get the most comprehensive and accurate insights into SAP named user and package licensing, ensuring optimal SAP licensing and controlling ongoing costs
  • Get recommendations for the optimal license classification (developer, professional, limited professional, employee self service, etc.) for each SAP user based on real usage data
  • Use a single point of control for administration functions across all SAP systems, such as running system measurements and activity checks


Key advantages:

  • Centralized management that automatically collects SAP usage data from multiple systems, (e.g., S/4HANA)
  • SAP named user license optimization based on detailed usage analysis
  • Calculates both an optimal license position based on real usage data and a contractual license position that takes into consideration SAP’s license ratio requirements


Concurrent licenses can be challenging to manage. But managing them effectively is essential for engineering and design applications. License denials can lead to project delays, lost revenue and decreased customer satisfaction. Lack of visibility can cause still more problems. FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications delivers a comprehensive solution. 


Now you can:

  • Get usage data for better forecasting and improved vendor negotiation
  • Simplify and centralize license server administration for thousands of FlexEnabled (FlexNet Publisher, FlexLM) and other concurrently licensed applications including AutoCAD®, MATLAB®, IBM® Rational®, CATIA®, and Petrel
  • Efficiently share licenses across the enterprise
  • Get automatic reports on software usage and license denials and maximize utilization of assets


Key advantages:

  • Detailed usage analysis
  • Consolidated reporting for multiple license servers with a single interface
  • Management of concurrent licensed engineering and design applications

Optimize licenses, reduce compliance risks with FlexNet Manager Suite

Optimize licenses, reduce compliance risks with FlexNet Manager Suite

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