Manage and Monetize the IoT

Manage applications, devices, features and updates electronically with Flexera's IoT Monetization Platform.

The Internet of Things has changed the way business is done. Value is shifting from hardware to software. Continuous delivery of new features and updates is expected. The customer relationship changes, and so does monetization.

The Flexera IoT Monetization platform brings together the data, processes and tools you need to implement new IoT business models, packaging options and monetization models. Be flexible and agile. Manage applications, devices, features and updates electronically and know which customer is using what.

See how IoT Monetization can transform your business

Even in the Internet of Things, not everything is always connected. Secure environments, like medical and industrial facilities, may restrict connectivity. Flexera supports all use cases like licensing, activation, usage management, software and firmware updates and analytics in both connected and disconnected environments.

  • Monetize the full IoT stack – from the edge to the cloud
    Orchestrate devices with embedded software, on-premise software and cloud offerings for a scalable IoT offering. Enable users to control, manage and monitor devices. Capture data and measure the value your solution delivers to customers.
  • Manage, track and update devices
    Know what version(s) of your software are running on which device and track which features are activated, being used and where. Notify customers about software and firmware updates or enable devices to call for automatic updates. Deploy updates automatically and enable full traceability on the whole software delivery and update process per device.
  • Manage customers and help them succeed
    The IoT is not only changing the way we work; it’s also changing the way your customers want to consume your offerings. Subscription or usage-based monetization models are becoming more important. Better understand your customers and know what they are entitled to use versus what they are actually using. And know if they are getting value.
  • Differentiate through premium features
    "One size fits all" does not work anymore. Enabling and disabling features on demand and monetizing premium features separately are inevitable parts of any IoT offering. Flexera enables you to do that for online and offline devices.

Rely on award-winning technology!

Flexera was recognized as the IoT Enablement Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market from IoT Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market.

We also won the Securing IoT - Product of the Year from Global Awards, recognizing innovation in the IoT space.

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