FlexNet Operations®

Scale and Efficiently Operate Your SaaS, IoT and Software Business. Grow Subscriptions. Get Recurring Revenue.

FlexNet Operations® is your software operations control center – a central monetization back office for your software, Software as a Service (Saas) or Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Manage devices, customers and their usage. Automate software operations processes like version upgrades, customer notifications and software delivery. And control all monetization models for your software products in a central place, regardless of deployment options.

Drive recurring revenue and run a successful software business. Know what your customers own, and what they are using. Monetize software effectively and manage compliance and customer growth. FlexNet Operations supports all monetization models – from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models.

With FlexNet Operations, you can:

  • Capitalize on new revenue opportunities
  • Track and manage compliance and measure usage
  • Optimize the trial to buy process
  • Dynamically create product configurations (like standard and light versions)
  • Change features on demand and monetize premium features
  • Maximize revenue from upgrades and renewals
  • Reduce churn and drive upsell/cross-sell initiatives based on usage insight
  • Make strategic decisions for future product development and pricing
  • Streamline operational processes and automate transactions, notifications and reports
  • Manage your on-premises, Cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded apps in one central monetization back office


Provision users and their use rights directly in-app, using a secure and easy to use web services framework, while updating user and usage data automatically in FlexNet Operations. The Cloud Monetization module enables you to control all processes from a central cloud licensing service, connect to your SaaS, on-premises and embedded apps using the Flexera Cloud Monetization API and measure usage.

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    FlexNet Operations

    Scale your software, SaaS and IoT business. Grow subscriptions and recurring revenue.

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