FlexNet Connect®

Update Software and Firmware Automatically. Analyze Usage Patterns. Make Better Decisions.

Use FlexNet Connect® to provide your end users with the latest updates – automatically, and benefit from product insights and usage analytics.

Know what products and versions your customers are using, or which features they value. Get ready for more frequent updates. FlexNet Connect scales with the software and IoT growth. In 2016, FlexNet Connect handled over 47.5 billion software requests in the Cloud deployment alone, with many more being completed in on-premises deployments.

With FlexNet Connect, you can:

  • Update software and firmware automatically
  • Analyze usage patterns to inform better decisions
  • Get product insight and install-base analytics
  • Push out software and firmware updates
  • Deploy in-product Messaging
  • Leverage remote diagnostic and instrumentation management
  • Automated Software / Firmware Updates
  • Increased Renewal Rates with Entitlement-Based Updates
  • In-Application Messaging
  • Automated Installed Base Analytics
  • Device Viewer – Provides Visibility for Remote Diagnostics
  • Cloud and On-Premise Deployment Models
  • Instrumentation Management
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    FlexNet Connect Datasheet

    Increase customer satisfaction, gain insight and stay connected to your customers through electronic software and firmware updates, in-product messaging and detailed reporting.

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    Improve Software Performance and Reduce Support Costs with FlexNet Connect

    Learn how to get started with FlexNet Connect software.

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    Build vs. Buy

    Find out how you can design an effective software solution.

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