FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications

Managing SAP® licenses can require significant time and effort. It can be hard to get an accurate handle on license requirements and position. Named user licenses can be expensive without detailed usage analysis. And not knowing what applications are indirectly accessing SAP data can cost you big time. We’ll help you navigate SAP® for business success.

With FlexNet SAP Applications License Manager, you can:

  • Get the most comprehensive and accurate insights into SAP named user and package licensing, ensuring optimal SAP licensing and controlling ongoing costs
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of manual effort and time required to manage SAP software licenses
  • Get recommendations for the optimal license classification (Developer, Professional, Limited Professional, Employee Self Service, etc.) for each SAP user based on real usage data
  • Avoid buying too many high cost license types when lower cost licenses will meet user needs
  • Manage and optimize indirect access to SAP systems
  • Detect inactive users that should be retired, returning those licenses to the available license pool
  • Accurately identify and consolidate duplicate users
  • Enable accurate charge back of software expenses internally based on actual use
  • Automate the process of collecting and analyzing all of the usage data to determine an optimal license type for each user
  • Simulate 'What If' Scenarios to Proactively Manage Your SAP Estate
  • Allow SAP administrators to review and commit recommended changes to their SAP systems using a familiar SAP interface
  • Use a single point of control for administration functions across all SAP systems, such as running system measurements and activity checks

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Key Features

  • Leverages Technopedia®, the World’s Largest Repository of Technology Asset Data
  • Ecosystem of Strategic and Technology Partners
  • Centralized Management that Automatically Collects SAP Usage Data from Multiple Systems
  • Aggregation of Usage Data
  • Enables Administrators to Make Updates to All SAP Satellite Systems More Frequently with a Single Change to Master Data
  • SAP Named User License Optimization Based on Detailed Usage Analysis
  • Consolidated SAP License Optimization Automatically Updates the Enterprise SAP License Position After Every Inventory Process
  • Calculates Both an Optimal License Position Based on Real Usage Data and Also a Contractual License Position that Takes into Consideration SAP’s License Ratio Requirements
  • Indirect Access License Optimization
  • Compliance Monitoring and Alerts
  • Duplicate User Identification
  • Review and Apply Recommended Changes to SAP Records from within the SAP Environment with Certified Integration with SAP
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    FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications

    Analyze license usage to optimize your SAP investment and maintain license compliance

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