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Enterprise App Store – Software Request Management System

Flexera App Portal empowers employees with a self-service software request management system that ensures a great user experience while helping IT automate delivery, ensure proper governance, and maximize usage of enterprise software.

App Portal provides strong administrator capabilities to simplify software request management while maintaining strong controls over how employees obtain and use desktop, cloud, and mobile apps. Our software request management system features include:

  • Simplified Enterprise App Store Management—Administrators use templates to add software, cloud applications, hardware and security group provisioning to the software store. The administrator can specify a number of attributes for each application, such as the approvals required and whether deployment is to be immediate or scheduled.
  • Integration with Software Deployment and Mobile Device Management Systems—App Portal automates the software deployment capabilities of popular enterprise systems to deliver software to users.
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    • Symantec Client Management Suite
    • AirWatch® by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management
    • JAMF Software Casper Suite
  • Active Directory Integration—App Portal uses information, such as, Group and Organizational Unit, to determine which applications an employee is entitled to access based on the person's role within the enterprise. As a result, App Portal can tailor the app store catalog to each user, displaying only those applications that the employee is authorized to access.
  • Intelligent, User-centric Deployment—App Portal supports user-centric deployment and reduces IT administration by enabling intelligent deployment to the proper device based on type and configuration. If an employee's computer is reimaged or the user is migrated to a new device, Configuration Manager automatically reinstalls the latest version of any application previously delivered through App Portal. This eliminates the need for the employee or a technician to request the application again.
  • Multiple Languages and Currencies—App Portal supports fourteen languages out of the box and can be extended to more. The administrator selects the language to be used in communicating with each user as well as in the application itself based on the user's location. Support for currencies based on exchange rates or static values are available to show costs in a way that is familiar to the end user.
  • Automated Approval Cycle—Automated approvals are flexible and can use the turnkey App Portal approval process or be delegated to utilize established approval workflows in an existing IT Service Management implementation. Administrators can specify the type of approvals required for each application based on a variety of factors such as application cost and user role as determined by the Group or Organizational Unit contained in Active Directory.
  • Communication—App Portal provides more than 60 email notification templates that can be tailored to the enterprise's communication standards. Templates can be translated into local languages with variable fields containing the desired data elements.
  • Reporting and Audit Trails—App Portal maintains a complete history of software requests, approvals, installations and purchases, providing an audit trail for software license and regulatory compliance purposes. The history also provides useful business data that guides the business in assessing the value of its software purchases and helps managers understand key performance metrics with respect to software usage.

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