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Reduce Spend and Maintain License Compliance with Enterprise Software License Management and a self-service App Store

Flexera is the established global leader in Software Asset Management and Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software asset management and license compliance solutions that optimize the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle.

Gartner Customers' Choice 2019: The Best Software Asset Management Tools as Reviewed by Customers

Flexera is named a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Software Asset Management Tools.

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Flexera is the established global leader in Software Asset Management and Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software asset management and license compliance solutions that optimize the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle.

Applications no longer just help the business, they run the business. Yet most companies lack a strategic solution to optimize the usage and spend of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. Few other strategic business assets are as undermanaged or as in need of a strategic solution as enterprise software.

While many companies have mastered negotiating discounts on software purchases, they are unable to ensure continuous software license optimization, compliance and optimize overall software spend. Most organizations don't truly know whether they are in compliance or not – the underlying data is suspect at best. And, lacking a strategic solution for Software License Optimization most companies overspend on software.

Are You Ready For a Software Audit?

Surveys indicate the majority of IT managers believe they are not prepared for a software audit while Gartner believes that every client can expect at least one software audit during the next 12 months. Companies struggle with:

  • Collecting accurate inventory data across all platforms
  • Normalizing software inventory to ensure accurate counts of installed software
  • Generating an accurate license compliance position to avoid and/or defend against software audits, due to the complexity of software license models, and software license agreement terms and conditions

As a result, many organizations face time consuming software audits and unbudgeted audit true-up expenses due to non-compliance with software license agreements.

Traditionally, companies have relied on IT asset management (ITAM) and configuration management solutions such as IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SCCM, HP Asset Manager, BMC Remedy or CA IT Asset Manager to deploy and inventory software assets. But today the business imperative is transforming from counting what you have installed, to optimizing the software licenses you have while ensuring that you only buy what you need.

Next Generation Software Asset Management

Traditional software asset management (SAM) tools are unable to meet today’s business needs for three fundamental reasons. First, such tools were never designed to handle modern software license model complexities. Legacy license models are simplistic—frequently based on a single user or device per license. Modern license models have complex and varied metrics. Second, traditional SAM tools don’t automate the license entitlement side of the equation and don’t have built-in knowledge of complex software product use rights. And third, traditional SAM tools are unable to manage the complexities associated with dynamic virtual environments. As a result, most modern applications, running in today’s complex virtual environments, pose unique license management challenges, including:

  • Discovery of application virtualization, streaming, and virtual desktop usage
  • Handling license consumption calculations for virtual applications, virtual desktops (VDI), virtual machines (VM), hard partitions, and sub-capacity licensing
  • Identification of processor, VM and hard partition characteristics for major hardware and virtualization vendors
  • Considering software product use rights and application usage for all license models and all vendors
  • Tracking of usage in a product-specific way that aligns with how the software usage is monetized

Next generation software asset management tools, called Software License Optimization solutions, provide the capabilities to deliver continuous software license compliance and software spend optimization. Such capabilities not only deliver superior SAM process maturity but the highest return on investment and business value.

Software License Optimization Maturity Model

To address traditional SAM tool shortcomings, both Gartner and Forrester recommend Software License Optimization solutions such as Flexera's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, which represent the next generation of software asset management. Such solutions not only manage all types of applications and license models, but also reconcile the software license entitlements you have purchased with actual application installation and usage data.

In addition, Gartner recommends having an enterprise app store, such as Flexera App Portal, that is integrated with your Software License Optimization solution. This integration, in the case of Flexera’s solution, allows checking for available licenses as soon as a request is made for software via the app store, proactively ensuring license compliance. It also enables an automated license reclamation process to maximize utilization of existing assets.

The result is unprecedented control of your software estate, providing the strategic solution needed to drive upwards of 5-25% savings in annual software spend and continuous license compliance.

Only FlexNet Manager Suite Helps You Reach Your Desired Level of SAM Maturity

Discovery & Inventory—FlexNet Manager Suite provides Discovery and Inventory capabilities and integrates with many third party tools to enable organizations to collect accurate and comprehensive hardware and software inventory data for better visibility and control of the IT estate.

Normalization—FlexNet Manager Suite provides normalized software inventory per device, assuring standard naming conventions are used to identify software publishers and titles. This normalized data provides many business benefits, including:

  • Identification of freeware and unauthorized software in the environment which could pose a security risk
  • A complete view of installed software that can drive rationalization and consolidation of the software portfolio to reduce management and support costs, and can also reduce security risk by reducing the attack surface for software vulnerabilities
  • Provides accurate data as an input into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to enhance IT Service Management (ITSM) processes
  • Is the first step in the Software Asset Management process that leads to license compliance and optimization

Compliance & Reuse— FlexNet Manager Suite allows organizations to calculate an accurate license compliance position and streamlines license management processes through automation. Software reuse through automated license reclamation helps defer new license purchases.

Optimization—FlexNet Manager Suite understands and automatically applies complex license entitlements (product use rights, or product terms) to reduce license consumption and bring down software costs. Optimization also allows companies to select the most appropriate user license types (e.g. SAP Named User licenses) to meet user needs at the lowest cost.

Companies deploying a Software License Optimization solution are able to realize many business benefits such as improved operational efficiencies and vendor management. Software License Optimization allows you to:

  • Minimize license consumption and reduce ongoing software spend on licenses and maintenance
  • Reduce the time and effort managing licenses and demonstrating compliance for software audits
  • More accurately plan and budget for future needs
  • Minimize the risk and cost of software license non-compliance
  • Minimize the downtime and delays due to license denials when using a concurrent license model
  • Gain continuous control of the software estate with repeatable, automated best practice software asset management process

As the market leading Software License Optimization solution, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises has been proven to deliver superior capabilities at every level of maturity across the full spectrum of licensing models in use today. So, whether you’re just getting started or striving for best-in-class optimization across your entire enterprise, FlexNet Manager Suite has the capabilities you need to achieve the desired business outcomes.

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