Software Composition Analysis

Know What's in your Code: Open Source Security and License Compliance

Software Composition Analysis helps you manage your open source security and license compliance obligations. Flexera's solution will scan your applications’ source code and, if necessary, issue alerts if vulnerabilities are identified.

Never Miss Evidence of Open Source Software — From Software Packages to Code Snippets

Flexera’s software composition analysis products scan your source code, binaries and dependencies for software vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. We integrate with common build tools and provide one of the largest open source knowledge bases in the industry, with more than 14 million components. Our audit teams provide support for baseline audits and due diligence events like mergers and acquisition.

Open Source Vulnerabilities

Track, manage and secure your code

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Open Source Licenses

Manage license compliance risk

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Open Source Audits

Software audits with our expert teams

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Organizations are aware of less than 10% of their open source use

  • Track, manage and secure your code
  • Identify open source vulnerabilities
  • Manage open source license compliance risk
  • Get software audits with our expert team

Flexera’s audit team reacted within hours when a critical contribution to an open source community required quick turn around on a forensic code scan of a large collection of micro service code. Adding to the complexity, due to budgetary constraints, we required a relatively strong estimate before the work could begin. Flexera met the deadline and budget estimate which allowed us to meet ours! Great work!

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Assess Your Open Source Management Journey

In this assessment, you’ll discover exactly where you are on your open source software (OSS) management journey — and find out what steps you can take to make your life easier. Take the 3 minute assessment to benchmark your level of OSS management maturity today and get actionable insights.

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