Software Composition Analysis

Know what’s in your code

We’ll scan your software’s source code, binaries and dependencies and, if necessary, issue immediate vulnerability alerts. Our tools integrate with common build tools. You can also tap the comprehensive knowledgebase with more than 13 million third-party components.

With Software Composition Analysis, you can:

  • Track, manage and secure your code
  • Identify open source vulnerabilities
  • Manage open source license compliance risk
  • Get software audits with our expert team
  • Checklist

    Take a Look From All Angles

    Learn more about open source software with our field guide checklist.

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  • Research

    Dig A Bit Deeper

    Explore the open source risks and vulnerabilities your business may face.

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  • White Paper

    What Every CSO Must Know about Open Source Software

    Make sure you’re up to speed.

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