New Advances in Application Readiness

Keeping Up With New Technology, Moving to AdminStudio Suite

If you are a Wise Package Studio customer considering a move to AdminStudio® you are most likely evaluating and aligning your application packaging requirements with today's business imperative to quickly adopt the latest technologies such as Windows 8, Windows 10 and application virtualization. As the complex combinations of deployment types continue to grow, so does the list of Application Readiness requirements.

AdminStudio offers a suite of automated tools proven to decrease traditional application preparation time by up to 70% and make virtual package preparation time up to 9 times faster than manual sequencing. With added capabilities to speed Windows 7 and 8 migrations, AdminStudio is the packagers' end-to-end solution of choice. AdminStudio Suite eliminates the need for multiple standalone tools and provides an integrated solution with advanced capabilities beyond what Wise software application packaging offers today:

  • Automated Windows Application Compatibility Testing and Remediation
  • Application Compatibility Testing for Internet Explorer 11 
  • Automated Application Compatibility Testing and Conversion to Microsoft App-V, VMware® ThinApp and Citrix® XenApp Virtual Formats
  • Compatibility assessment and conversion of server applications to Microsoft Server App-V format
  • Creation and management of Microsoft Server App-V packages
  • Advanced Package Editing and Authoring Capabilities
  • Ability to Assess Compatibility and Repackage 64-bit applications
  • Tight Integration with Leading Software Deployment Tools
  • Enterprise-class Reporting and Application Management
  • Workflow Manager* to centrally control the software packaging process

Automated Wise® Data Conversion Tool

In addition, the process of converting from Wise Package Studio to AdminStudio is greatly simplified with an automated conversion tool which takes Wise® WSE software packages and their associated meta-data and imports them directly into the AdminStudio database.

Automated Windows 10 Compatibility Testing and Remediation

  • AdminStudio reduces the time and effort involved in a migration to Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions), Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 by automatically assessing and fixing the vast majority of installation package related application compatibility issues.
  • Additionally, it enables you to quickly determine the issues around moving Web applications and users to Internet Explorer 11, often a major challenge tied to a Windows 10 migrations.
  • Learn more about application compatibility

Application Compatibility Testing for Internet Explorer 11

  • Load multiple Website addresses (URLs) or Web-based applications into the testing process to automatically pinpoint Internet Explorer 11 compatibility issues.
  • Automatically test applications that are accessed by, or dependent on a browser for their compatibility with Internet Explorer.

Virtualization Suitability Testing, Automated Conversion, Validation and Editing

  • Automatically run tests on an application to determine whether it's suitable for conversion and deployment as a virtual application.
  • Convert multiple MSIs and legacy installers to industry-leading virtual formats including Microsoft App-V, Citrix® XenApp and VMware® ThinApp.
  • Testing, validation and editing of MSI packages is extended to virtual formats so packagers can manage a virtual package with the same tool and processes as a traditional package.
  • Direct Editing of App-V Packages - The Virtual Package Editor in AdminStudio Suite enables direct editing of App-V packages eliminating the need to re-convert from an MSI when a change to an App-V package is required.
  • Learn more about application virtualization

Support for Microsoft Server App-V and the Microsoft Private Cloud

  • Automatically test server applications from the unified AdminStudio Test Center interface to determine their suitability for conversion to Microsoft Server App-V and deployment as virtual applications.
  • Convert server applications to Microsoft Server App-V format for use in the Microsoft Private Cloud.
  • Create and manage Windows Server App-V packages from within Test Center.

Tight Integration with Leading Software Deployment Tools

  • AdminStudio Supports the leading software deployment tools - including Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, Novell® ZENworks, LANDesk® Management Suite, and Citrix XenApp.
  • Integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for direct importing and exporting of packages.

Advanced Package Editing and Authoring Capabilities with InstallShield

  • Create and edit MSI installations, virtual profiles, patches and transforms.
  • Support for Windows Installer Chaining.
  • The ability to edit Window Installer Patch (MSP) file and convert an InstallScript MSI installation to a basic MSI package while preserving the original components and much of the installation logic, architecture, and maintainability of the original installation package.

Enterprise-class Reporting and Application Management

  • Out-of-the box Application Readiness state dashboards, a customizable reporting infrastructure, and process templates to implement best practices packaging standards.
  • Application centric management and reporting that groups different application package formats (deployment types) and shows them under each application so the growing number of deployment types can be easily managed side-by-side.

Workflow Manager

  • Workflow Manager is a Web-based process management solution to centrally control the software packaging process-from application request submissions through to deployment.
  • Workflow Manager is integrated with AdminStudio®, workflows can include AdminStudio tasks, and progress is automatically reflected in the Workflow Manager UI. The combined solution shares the same Application Catalog, so all package files and metadata generated by AdminStudio is automatically captured along with application request and workflow information from Workflow Manager. This data is accessible anytime using Workflow Manager's powerful reporting tools and can feed into your configuration management database (CMDB) to simplify ITIL or Microsoft MOF and BDD implementations.
  • Learn more about workflow application packaging

AdminStudio Suite is the industry's only automated application compatibility testing, fixing and packaging solution for MSI and virtual formats that integrates with existing systems management technologies to power an Application Readiness process.

For the complete set of features go to AdminStudio Suite.

*Workflow Manager is sold separately
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