PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit
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Wrap it Up. Time is Money.

Consistent app packaging and deployment. It’s here. PowerShell dramatically improves productivity by optimizing the consistency of branding and wrapping MSIs/EXEs. Your job of packaging and deploying applications just got easier. Faster. Better. The Flexera way.

With the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit integrated into Flexera AdminStudio, you’ll control app deployment like never before.

  • Quickly prepare applications for deployment by wrapping MSIs/EXEs in PowerShell
  • Brand your applications effortlessly with a configurable user interface
  • Virtualize PowerShell-wrapped applications, maintaining the customizations made by the PowerShell wrapper
  • Maintain consistency by including applications within the application catalog
  • Reduce user confusion caused by configuration disparity, lightening the workload on IT support

The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit was launched in August 2013 and is a joint collaboration between Seán Lillis and Dan Cunningham.