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Simplifying Enterprise Diversity

Mac users. Nearly every business has ‘em. And it’s your challenge to integrate them into your well-oiled enterprise. Mac Application Management automatically assesses and reports best practices and risk across all Mac applications for successful deployment. You’ll easily manage and audit a diverse IT infrastructure. Making you, and all those Mac users, happy campers.

With Mac Application Management as part of your application readiness process, you’ll take the hassle out of configuring, testing, and preparing Mac applications for deployment. And keep Mac fans happy with applications that work the way they expect.

  • Keep things simple and consistent with the same readiness process for every application
  • Pinpoint compatibility issues before you roll out Mac applications
  • Automate testing with PowerShell application programming interface (API)
  • Make applications easy to get by publishing them to Mac management systems or your enterprise app store



Test for Risk and Device Compatibility

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