Benefits of Upgrading Your AdminStudio Limited Edition

More Capabilities to Automate and Accelerate Application Readiness

Your AdminStudio Limited Edition includes powerful tools for converting your legacy installations to Windows Installer packages. However, the full edition of AdminStudio offers many additional tools that could assist you in preparing reliable, error-free Windows Installer and virtual packages for deployment.

The additional tools that are available include:

ToolStandardProfessionalEnterpriseVirtualization PackApplication Compatibility PackFor More Info
InstallShield Editor (Professional Edition) X X       See Customizing and Authoring Installations Using InstallShield.
InstallShield Editor (Premier Edition)     X     See Customizing and Authoring Installations Using InstallShield.
Application Isolation Wizard X X X     See Isolating Applications Using Application Isolation Wizard.
Distribution Wizard X X X     See Distributing Applications and Packages.
Application Manager   X X     See Managing Applications and Application Catalog Databases.
Test Center   X X     See Using Test Center to Perform Package Testing.
QualityMonitor   X X     See Ensuring Package Quality Using QualityMonitor.
OS Snapshot Wizard   X X     See Taking OS Snapshots.
Security Console     X     See Managing Roles and Permissions.
Report Center     X     See Generating and Viewing Reports in Report Center.
Software Repository     X     See Using the Software Repository.
Platform API     X     See AdminStudio Platform API.
Automated Application Converter       X   See Performing Automated Repackaging and Virtualization Using the Automated Application Converter.
Server App-V Package Creation Wizard       X   See Creating a Server App-V Package Using System Center Virtual Machine Manager.
Virtual Package Editor       X   See Using the Virtual Package Editor.
Microsoft App-V Assistant
ThinApp Assistant
Citrix Assistant
      X   See Creating Customized Virtual Packages.


Mobile Pack

Also available with Enterprise Edition is the Mobile Pack, which provides the following functionality:

  • Import of Apple iOS apps (.ipa), Apple firmware packages (.ipsw), and Microsoft Windows Store applications (.appx) into Application Catalog
  • Ability to publish mobile applications to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1
  • Ability to view deployment data for Windows Store applications, including detection methods and framework customizations

How to Upgrade AdminStudio Limited Edition to Standard, Professional, or Enterprise Editions

An upgrade feature has been built-in to AdminStudio that allows you to activate features in a higher edition without re-installing the application. You just need to enter a Serial Number for the upgrade that you purchased, and the features of that Edition are immediately unlocked and are available to you.

To upgrade an AdminStudio Limited Edition to the Standard, Professional or Enterprise edition, contact AdminStudio Sales and purchase a Serial Number for the desired Edition, and then follow the instructions in Upgrading Your Product Edition.