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Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio automates application preparation to fix and package enterprise applications for leading software deployment tools.

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Basic Software Packaging Standard Application Readiness Automate Continual Application Readiness
Reliable Application Packaging and Deployment TRY IT NOW
Detailed, Intuitive Reports and Dashboards
A simple of view your entire Application Portfolio to help you figure out what and how many applications are in what status to take the right decision on further actions. The reporting becomes even more powerful as you look to IT Initiatives such as Windows 10 migration or adoption of virtualization.
Seamless Integration to Manage the Entire Application Lifecycle
Enables Adminstudio to drive the processes around Application recognition with FlexNET Manager for SAM And License Optimization while automating the hand over of the applications to the App Portal Self Service App Store.
Application Catalog to Maintain and Manage Enterprise's Application Portfolio
A single repository of all the software in your Enterprise which enables you to take these applications through the Application Readiness process - Import, Test, Package and Virtualize, Publish.
Interface to Popular Deployment Systems
Integration into deployment solutions streamlines the end to end Application Readiness process. Some configurations need to be made on applications in the deployment systems before the deploying the software. AdminStudio exposes all those configuration/properties to be set in AdminStudio and then publish the application to these deployment systems for deploying to end machine, without have to logging into the systems.AdminStudio and Deployment Systems
Complete Automation via PowerShell Cmdlets
Considerable time savings may be realized through automation. With AdminStudio, the entire application readiness process (importing, testing and distributing applications) can be automated using cmdlets in simple PowerShell Scripts. Bulk processing of tasks such as accepting, testing and even virtualizing applications can be simplified through Cmdlet integration.
Provision Virtual Machines for "Clean" Repackaging and Testing
Repackaging is best performed on a “clean machine” meaning a system with minimal software and services present. You can save time and speed the repackaging process by quickly and reliably by allowing AdminStudio to spin up clean machines for repackaging and testing activates.
Test Applications for Quality, Conflicts and Best Practices
Applications deployed on the end machine might have conflicts with each other and may fail to operate as expected. Testing for conflicts and best practices is a proactive to step to avoid these failures. Best practices testing ensures packages meet the rerquired standards before deployment.
Manage System Center Configuration Manager Application Metadata
Saves time and effort in the hand-off between packaging and deployment teams. Especially valuable in SCCM environments that are restricted, AdminStudio adds all the SCCM's app model data to an application and then hands it over to SCCM for deployment to the end machine, without having to log into SCCM.
Forensic View of EXE Installers for Conflict Assessment and Reporting
Going beyond MSI files to identify the OS Compatibility issues (along with other tests) for legacy setups (exe).
Advanced Editing with InstallShield - AdminStudio Edition
Installshield provides all required capabilities for building an MSI from the ground up, simple and advanced customizations with the ability to build advanced complex installers if the need arises.
InstallShield 2018 Professional InstallShield 2018 Professional InstallShield 2018 Premier
Repackage Applications for Windows Installer
Create custom Windows Installer (MSI) setups that silentlly install applications according to your desired specifications. MSI is a widely supported installer format with many robust features.
Create Transforms to Customize Windows Installer Packages
Transform files can be created with ease using Tuner. User Interface Configuration options are captured through a simple wizard into a transformation file enabling all installations settings to be pre-configured for silent installation. This simplifies the process of following industry best practices which dictate one should never edit a vendor MSI directly.
Java Detection and Dependency Reporting
Learn more about AdminStudio Java Dependencies.
AdminStudio Java Dependency Checking
Microsoft Windows 10 Migration
Partial Complete
Accelerate Application Virtualization
Learn more about AdminStudio Virtualization.
AdminStudio Application Virtualization
Partial Partial Complete
Simplify MAC OS X
Learn more about AdminStudio Mac Application Management.
Partial Complete
AdminStudio and MAC OS Compatibility Assessment and Deployment
Partial Complete
Simplify Scripting Challenges - PowerShell App Deployment
Learn more about PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit.
AdminStudio Integration with PowerShell Application Tool-Kit
Partial Complete