Virtual Appliances

Software Licensing and Entitlement Management to Build Virtual Appliances

Intelligent device manufacturers face growing pressures to do more with less. Customers simultaneously expect ever increasing functionality delivered in a lower cost product that consumes less power, space and administrative costs and they expect to pay for only the capabilities they need when they need them. And, within increasingly global competition, it's no wonder margins are under pressure.

Leading edge intelligent device manufacturers are innovating to stay ahead. Faced with these numerous challenges, they are adopting strategies to compete.

Business Challenges Strategies
Eroding margins on hardware products Push hardware costs to end customers by making device capabilities available as pure software

Enable up-/cross-sell revenues by delivering capabilities as software add-ons or on a trial basis
Services providers need to provision capacity to meet peak demand which leads to unused capacity during off-peak periods Allow service providers to dial up/down capacity on-demand without deploying hardware, eliminating unused hardware
Services providers and branch office locations need to reduce power consumption, space and administrative costs Consolidate many capabilities into one device

Virtual Appliances are changing intelligent device manufacturing

Enter virtual appliances. Virtual appliances are pre-built software solutions, comprised of one or more Virtual Machines that are packaged, updated, maintained as a unit. Unlike a traditional hardware appliance, these software appliances let customers easily acquire, deploy and manage, pre-integrated solution stacks that can be deployed behind the firewall in a private cloud or in the public cloud. This speeds up time to value and simplifies software development, distribution, and management.

Virtual appliances enable intelligent device manufacturers to protect margins and enable up-/cross-selling and flexible capacity models. They enable you to expand your reach and enter new markets, provide customers with more scalable solutions, decrease time to market and reduce your expenses of procuring and shipping hardware.

Software Licensing and Entitlement Management to Build Virtual Appliances

To develop a virtual appliance and realize the benefits they provide, intelligent device manufacturers need to deploy the right embedded software licensing and entitlement management solutions to support virtual appliances.

The right embedded software licensing solutions will:

  • Protect your intellectual property deployed on the virtual appliance
  • Automate capacity and capability provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Enable field-upgrade of capacity and capabilities for virtual appliances
  • Report deployment of virtual appliances to your entitlement management system

The right entitlement management solution will:

  • Automate capacity and capability provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Automate cross-/up-selling of capabilities
  • Compare capacity and capabilities owned versus deployed by an end customer

Flexera Software's FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers, a proven solution used by thousands of customers, provides both the embedded software licensing and back-office entitlement management capabilities intelligent device manufacturers need to successfully create and deploy virtual appliances.