Software License Compliance

Leverage Licensing Technology to Ensure Compliance

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Software licensing models are constantly changing and that is certainly true today. Today, more and more enterprises are demanding pay-per-use type models that more directly align software application usage to the software licensing model. And, enterprise and government customers are expecting their software vendors to not only deliver these new licensing models, but to provide the tools they need to ensure software license agreement compliance under these new models. Enterprise customers want to be in compliance, but do not have the tools required to sufficiently manage their software estate.

For many software vendors, the software audit has been the most common form of software license compliance management. While this can deliver a short-term revenue bump (especially attractive when new software license revenues are hard to come by), it has a very negative connotation to most customers. Software audits are a snapshot that cannot understand trends or high-water mark scenarios. And, software vendors have difficulty scaling audits. Even with large teams, software vendors are only able to audit a fraction of their customer base each year. Software vendors are looking for a softer way to allow their customers to ensure that they are in compliance while not negatively impacting customer relationships.

Software vendors are seeking solutions to increase revenues by monetizing software overuse and meet the market's software compliance needs that vary by product, channel and customers. At the same time, they wish to improve customer relationships by helping customers use what they need in the midst of changing needs and ensuring they are in compliance without the intrusive measures they currently rely upon.

Ensuring software license agreement compliance

Software vendors want to engage with enterprises in a new level of conversation regarding software usage – one that is fact-based. They want to offer a customized and desired product to their end-users, enabling them to accurately track, monitor and report on their software usage. They want to increase their revenue, build customer relationships with positive and consistent experiences, and avoid the cost and time associated with traditional software audits.

In order to achieve these goals, software vendors need a software compliance solution that:

  • Monitors and tracks software use over time, not just a single snapshot in time, which provides software usage trends. These insights can help vendors more effectively target their sales efforts and help enterprises to better plan and budget future software needs
  • Allows the software vendor to establish what metrics need to be collected based on their software contracts terms and conditions
  • Can be easily deployed to the enterprise with existing or new software applications without requiring product modification or integration
  • Runs unobtrusively in the enterprise environment with minimal impact to installed applications or systems
  • Does not require mandatory enforcement, making it easier for enterprises to accept

Such a solution can provide a system of governance to a software vendors' customer, allowing them to ensure that they are using what they are entitled to.

Flexera Software's FlexNet Producer Suite for Software Vendors, a proven solution used by thousands of customers, provides both the entitlement and compliance management capabilities software vendors need to realize their goals of increasing revenues, build customer relationships with positive and consistent experiences, and avoid the cost and time associated with traditional software audits.