Solutions for Your Business Challenges

Monetizing Software and IoT Solutions

Solutions for Software Vendors and Intelligent Device Manufacturers

For software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers, today's competitive cost-conscious environment presents increasing challenges to profits, to productivity, to revenue growth, to compliance and overall leadership.

For software vendors, you're looking for new ways and methods to help you bring new software products to market faster, innovate and offer the most flexible and market-friendly licensing models available, retain customers, or manage a complex entitlement process. For intelligent device manufacturers, you want to innovate products faster, enable new licensing, packaging, pricing, and promotional models, decrease operational costs and required inventory, and simplify product updates and distribution.

What challenge are you facing today?

Intelligent device manufacturer and IoT provider business challenges

Reduce manufacturing cost and complexity, standardize hardware and enable traceability for devices in the field.

Reduce Inventory
Stop Grey Market Abuse
Increase Revenue and Profit
Virtual Appliances

Software vendor business challenges

Protect and license your software in SaaS, Cloud and virtual environments and efficiently manage software entitlements.

Profit from Virtualization
Software License Management
Back-Office Entitlement Management
Grow SaaS Revenues
Software License Compliance