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Ensure Software License Compliance While Keeping Customers Happy

The Sales team knows how important it is to think strategically about managing licensing and entitlements. They can't hit their growth targets unless customers stay compliant with their software licensing agreements. They can't cross-sell or up-sell customers without understanding what customers own and use. And they can't quickly offer new licensing models without understanding these requirements.

The ability for customers to get self-service capabilities that leverage the cloud and virtualization makes it easy for them to end up out of compliance with license agreements. And when that results in software over-use, producers lose out on revenue.

Neither producers nor enterprises can manage continuous software compliance without accurate entitlement and usage data. Post-hoc solutions don't remedy the problem. While audits recoup some funds, they're costly to undertake and they create adversarial relationships with customers that threaten future sales.

So how can the Sales team ensure licensing compliance without creating bad blood with customers? And how do they combat software piracy and revenue leakage, particularly in emerging markets where piracy is rampant?

Flexera Software value to Sales

Flexera Software's Application Usage Management solutions for application producers help Sales ensure it's easy to do business with the company while hitting their numbers, enabling them to:

  • Ensure customers are compliant with licensing terms

    No matter which licensing model your products use, hitting your numbers is a function of ensuring your customers are compliant with your licensing agreements. Leveraging state-of-the-art software licensing and entitlement management solutions means that your intellectual property is protected and you know what your customers have and what they are entitled to do with the software they've purchased—increasing your ability to ensure compliance, identify up/cross-sell opportunities and drive revenues.
  • Increase package and pricing effectiveness

    Customers are demanding new licensing models that allow them to pay for software consistent with how they use it. New markets frequently require different models and price points from established ones. Having the flexibility to target different markets and to rapidly adopt new licensing models to outmaneuver the competition gives Sales the market agility needed to stay ahead and increase product line revenues and profitability.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering Sales the information and capabilities they need to enforce software license compliance and quickly adapt to changing market demands for new licensing models. The result is a stronger competitive position and increased revenues.