Future-Proof Software and Intelligent Devices

Simultaneously Support Old and New Technologies and Licensing Models

Application engineers get the significance of software licensing.

But it's their job to build out the next set of features that will beat competitors and drive revenue. So where can they find the time and resources to handle packaging, licensing and entitlement management in-house – decisions that frequently come late in the development cycle? And how can they make sure that new requirements don't set back release dates?

It's especially tough when these needs keep changing and growing. Application engineers are being hit by a growing list of technical changes including the cloud, virtualization and mobility – and each one requires changes to the products, software licensing and back-office support.

So how do they simultaneously support the old and the new? How do they continue supporting Windows while expanding to Java, VMware, MAC, Amazon, Citrix, etc.? Can they shift from CD/DVD to simply distributing applications via the web? And what about quickly supporting new usage-based licensing models? How do they support the barrage of requests to support new pricing models from sales and marketing? Or will this just take away from their much needed development time?

Flexera Software value to Engineers

Flexera Software's Application Usage Management solutions for application producers help Engineers future-proof products, enabling them to:

  • Stay focused on features

    Most engineering teams are lean and have to constantly struggle to keep up with a growing backlog of defects and feature requests needed to beat the competition. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for software installers, licensing, in-product analytics and software delivery and updates allows your key engineering resources to stay focused on the needs of the customer while supporting the businesses needs as well.
  • Simultaneously support old and new

    Licensing models and deployment options are constantly changing. Yesterday's on-premises, perpetually licensed MSI applications are quickly being joined by virtualized applications sold via subscription models and many other variants. With a growing installed base, engineering teams don't have the luxury of dropping support for the old as they add support for the new. Utilizing technology that helps future-proof your products from constant change is a tremendous time saver to engineering.
  • Rapidly support changing business model needs

    Software businesses move at the speed of light. When a competitor acts, you need to react quickly, or else. Likewise, when an opening emerges to enter a new market, you need to jump on it. Ensuring that engineering has the ability to rapidly support the business need to adopt new software licensing models without derailing your roadmap can be a significant competitive differentiator.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering Engineers the tools they need rapidly support changing business requirements while staying focused on delivering the features needed to beat the competition. By leveraging best-in-class capabilities, your Engineers are well equipped to deal with whatever comes their way efficiently.