Software Lifecycle Experience Management

Deliver Customers a Consistently Great Experience Across All Products

If you develop software products, you need some form of software installation, delivery, licensing and compliance management to get your products to customers and monetize your innovations. With varying geographies, customer requirements, products and business models, what starts out simple quickly gets very complex. Mergers and acquisitions quickly confound the challenges. The last thing you can afford is a poor customer experience as a result of these business requirements being poorly implemented.

The challenges: deliver a great customer experience

  • Can you deliver a consistent, good licensing/download/installation/update experience to customers for all products?
  • How do you keep the customer experience consistent after you acquire new products?
  • How can you improve communications with and collect diagnostics from customers regardless of distribution strategy?

The solution: standardize on a strategic solution

Many of the world's leading application producers have standardized on Flexera Software solutions to strategically meet business needs while delivering customers a consistent and positive experience. Producers can:

  • Ensure a professional installation—deliver a consistent and reliable installation experience across any operating system/environment for all of your products with capabilities that integrate with your agile or traditional development processes
  • Quickly integrate acquired products—seamlessly "fold in" acquired products into your standard licensing, download and entitlement management processes independent of their existing licensing technology
  • Enable self-service everything—provide all customers consistent means to access products, manage entitlements and compliance and more from an always available self-service portal
  • Provide in-product communications—integrate in-product communications across all products to notify customers of updates to keep customers current and keep control on support costs

Flexera Software solutions help manage the customer experience by providing a standardized approach for installing, delivering, licensing and managing software products and entitlements, ensuring that the business needs of your products don't create a negative experience for your customers.