Software License Compliance

Generate more revenue from customers

Maximizing software revenues is a function of ensuring customers are compliant with your license agreements and you have mechanisms to capture revenues throughout the software lifecycle. This is a growing challenge as new technologies and customer preferences increase the demand for new license models. Getting this right enables market leading performance.

The challenges: maximize revenue

  • Can you ensure compliance with licensing agreements in a customer-friendly way to recover software overuse revenue?
  • How can you quickly adapt to and profit from the cloud, virtualization and new usage-based licensing models?
  • Can you ensure that your customers can upgrade only if they are eligible?
  • Can you electronically enable up/cross-selling to maximize customer relationships and revenue?
  • Can you easily configure your application to meet different market and geographic needs without changing code?

The solution: enable flexible licensing policies and models

As the market leader in software license compliance solutions, Flexera Software empowers application producers to implement a broad spectrum of licensing policies – from up-front enforcement to a more liberal trust & verify approach.  Producers are able to:

  • Enable flexible monetization & licensing models–stay competitive by quickly altering monetization models across products and tailor the models for various market segments, geographies, etc.
  • Offer mature monetization models for SaaS applications–many producers are developing SaaS applications and require sophisticated, mature solutions to implement the required monetization models the market demands for such solutions (e.g., pay-for-overage, pay-for-burst, pay-for-use)
  • Ensure that you get paid for every copy of your software–prevent anti-piracy and licensing abuse across all geographies with in-product protections.  Automate back-office operations that ensure license compliance to streamline internal operations (i.e., reduces the costs of audits) while ensuring all potential revenue is realized
  • Adapt to changing market conditions–the ability to sense and respond to changing market conditions is a significant competitive advantage. Doing so accurately requires keen insights into product use to ensure fact-based decisions are possible

Flexera Software software license compliance management solutions support the latest licensing models and the back-office automation to manage a growing software business, enabling application producers to generate more ongoing revenue from customers.