Manage Open Source License Compliance: How it Works

Identify and Track Open Source and Third-Party Components

There’s an old adage in the legal profession: Ignorance of the law is no defense.


FlexNet Code Insight

FlexNet Code Insight empowers organizations to take control of and manage use of open source software (OSS) and third-party components. It helps development, legal and security teams use automation to create a formal OSS strategy and policy that balances business benefits and risk management.

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FlexNet Code Aware

FlexNet Code Aware is an automated open source risk assessment and package discovery solution that enables software developers to quickly scan their products for security and intellectual property (IP) compliance risk. Either as a standalone, or by seamlessly integrating with InstallShield and InstallAnywhere , FlexNet Code Aware becomes a standard part of the build process, helping developers expose and assess IP and security vulnerability risks before the product ships. While not a virus scan, this powerful combined solution sets the foundation for a vulnerability-free build and error-free installation.

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