Manage Open Source License Compliance

Identify and Track Open Source and Third-Party Components

There’s an old adage in the legal profession: Ignorance of the law is no defense.

Manage OSS License Compliance

Did you know as much as 50 percent of the code used in all software is comprised of open source?  While open source allows developers to be more agile and efficient – there’s also a hidden risk:  The law.

While open source may be free and available for anyone to use – there are limitations.  Most components have licensing obligations you must comply with in order to prevent penalties. Or, even worse – prevention from selling your product!

While there is law established for the use of open source licenses – most developers are unaware of them.  Adding to the risk – most CEOs and general counsel may be unaware of the open source components their developers are using.

You need a solution and a partner you can trust to help answer the following questions in your organization:

  • Which applications contain known vulnerabilities?
  • What are the open source disclosures for a product?
  • Are we compliant with the open source license obligations?

Get started today with an automated open source licensing compliance and vulnerability risk management solution.