Product Development Optimization

Focus Limited Resources on Beating the Competition

Product development teams are constantly faced with more priorities than resources. The top priority remains developing features to beat the competition and solve customer problems. Add to that the need to support new technologies such as virtualization and the cloud. Then the business wants support for new business models and licensing strategies to try to maximize revenues—important needs that distract from the mission at hand.

The challenges: support diverse business needs

  • How can you change licensing strategies while keeping limited resources focused on strategic priorities?
  • Can your development team meet deadlines while adapting to changing needs for product packaging and licensing?
  • How can you avoid dropping product features from your product roadmap so you can ship an installer or add licensing or provide product updates?
  • Are your product managers changing how the product is sold-and you find yourself having to make code changes
  • Are your product managers in the dark about which features are being used and which  can be dropped or which operating system is being used?

The solution: partner with the market leader

Increasingly, development executives at application producers are coming to the realization that they need to partner with the market leader to ensure they have a strategic solution in place to manage software installation, licensing, updates, entitlement management and more.  Flexera Software solutions allow them to meet the needs of the business while directly investing their resources in beating the competition.  Producers are able to:

  • Ensure reliable installation—deliver a professional and reliable installation experience across any operating system/environment for all of your products with capabilities that integrate with your agile or traditional development processes
  • Rapidly implement various licensing models—quickly support the latest licensing strategies that the business requires, including support for monetizing applications in embedded, cloud and virtual environments
  • Gather usage data from customers—instrument your applications to gather insights on how customers are using your products to ensure that you have the pulse of the market and can make fact-based decisions
  • Automate software update delivery—integrate in-product update notifications and delivery to ensure your customers always have latest releases supported by a robust and scalable back-office infrastructure

Flexera Software solutions to optimize product development meet the needs of today's stretched teams trying to juggle competitive pressures with business realities to monetize their innovations. Field proven on over 500 million desktops, Flexera Software solutions enable product development to focus limited resources on beating the competition without sacrificing in supporting other business needs.