Prevent Open Source Security Vulnerabilities

Mitigate Vulnerability Risk and Ship Secure Software

Did you know 16,000 vulnerabilities were documented over the last couple of years?

Manage OSS Security Vulnerabilities

To ensure security in the software supply chain, you need to minimize the risk of shipping products to customers with unpatched vulnerabilities.

There is the massive amount of undocumented open source code used in virtually all software. We estimate that as much as 50 percent of the code in software is open source and other third party code – and it’s not being proactively tracked and managed. In fact, most developers are only aware of about 4 percent of the open source code in their products.

Do you have the necessary automated processes in place to minimize your vulnerability risk?

Scan! Scan! Scan! Scan for open source and third party components and vulnerabilities every time you do a build of your software – vulnerabilities can slip through the cracks and create risk! You also need an end-to-end solution for your development, legal and security teams to set and manage policy for use of open source and third-party software.

It’s time to start taking control of your open source software with an automated open source license compliance and vulnerability risk management solution.