Monetize and Manage the IoT

Protect and Manage Your Apps and Devices. Drive Revenue.

Everyone’s Talking About the Revenue Potential of the IoT. It's Time to Drive Incremental Revenue From it Now!

Flexera enables you to monetize the full IoT stack – from the Edge to the Cloud. Get a head-start over your competition. Drive success with new IoT monetization models and offer pricing that’s aligned with value.

Your products need to be smart and agile in a connected world. Switch features on and off as your customers need them and push updates out to the right customers quickly and automatically. Flexera solutions enable you to do that in a secure way.

Some industrial devices are offline, only partially connected or operate in an Intranet of Things. Flexera solutions support all levels of connectivity and are being used by some of the biggest Industrial IoT players worldwide.

Want to know how your devices and apps are getting used? Data is at the hub of the IoT. Collect usage, product instrumentation data and telemetry. Leverage this data to make your product even better. Get ready for predictive and preventive maintenance, based on analytics and product insight.

  • Empower monetization with entitlement-driven business operations
  • Introduce new business models like subscription or pay-per-use
  • Manage software and devices in your IoT ecosystem through feature management and automated software delivery
  • Capture product insights to base product innovation and investment on real world intelligence

Leverage the Flexera Software Monetization Platform to build a secure and efficient IoT solution and capture your share.