Hardware Inventory Reductions

Reduce Costs and Gain Product Configuration Flexibility

Global competition is increasing, product lifecycles are shortening and customer expectations for last minute configuration flexibility are on the rise.  Combined, these trends place downward pressure on margins, significantly increase supply chain and operational complexity and make it increasingly difficult to keep a lid on inventory and operating costs.  Balancing these realities with the need to innovate and deliver high-value solutions represents a significant challenge to device manufacturers.

The challenges: cost-effective innovation and differentiation

  • How can you leverage software-enabled configurations to reduce manufacturing lines and hardware SKUs?
  • Can you electronically enable up-selling of new features to maximize customer relationships and revenue?
  • How can you reduce inventory complexity for channel partners?
  • Can you increase revenues by implement "late binding" so customers can purchase features independent of the devices-across multiple devices-and then apply them?
  • Can you move to "incremental" style pricing, providing customers with greater flexibility to add capacity/capabilities that meet their varying needs?
  • How can you increase revenues by making it easier for customers to move capabilities & capacities around to take advantage of hardware over periods of need?

The solution: leverage the power of software

Flexera Software has long been the market leader in helping application producers install, configure, monetize and track their software.  With intelligent device manufacturers increasingly turning to software to deliver more value, differentiate from low-cost competitors and reduce hardware inventory, they require these same capabilities.  Flexera Software solutions enable device manufacturers to:

  • Reduce inventory—leverage software to enable electronic configure-to-order postponement strategies that free cash and reduce supply chain complexity
  • Improve customer satisfaction--offer electronic, self-service application and feature-level activation while lowering  support and operational costs
  • Gain visibility to end customers—enable more efficient support and insights into customer usage and requirements through  complex, multi-tier distribution channels
  • Increase revenues—make hardware more easily configurable to enter new markets, offer new models, cross/up-sell

Flexera Software inventory reduction solutions provide embedded software licensing to unlock new revenue streams, protect intellectual property and implement configure-to-order strategies that dramatically reduce inventory while enabling greater responsiveness to changing market conditions. It also delivers back-office software entitlement management capabilities to streamline fulfillment, protect maintenance revenues, implement new revenue models quickly and easily and establish direct relationships with customers through multiple tiers of distribution.