Efficient Software Operations

Streamline and Reduce Bottlenecks Between Back-Office, Customers and Partners

Back-office operations are not glamorous, but they are essential to running the business. Without an efficient back-office operation for your software business, you waste money and miss revenue opportunities with partners and customers. Automating the back-office functions essential to a software business is critical to support a growing business.

The challenges: cost-effective and efficient back-office

  • Can you automate and efficiently manage quote-to-cash and ensure timely revenue recognition on software sales?
  • How can you efficiently manage software licensing and entitlement management post acquisition?
  • How can you increase revenue by ensuring upgrades, pushing up/cross-sell, providing maintenance expiration information and pushing customers to stay on maintenance
  • Can you see what product features are being used on what type of devices in which geographies?
  • Can you improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by enabling customers to manage their own entitlements and compliance?
  • How can you reduce costs by enabling channel partners to deliver "full service" by doing some of the transactions themselves, or be notified when their customers are going out of maintenance?

The solution: strategically manage customer entitlements

As the market leader in entitlement management, Flexera Software has helped hundreds of companies implement a strategic solution that automates essential back-office business processes. Managing software licenses and entitlements isn't easy. Homegrown entitlement management tools might work initially, but can rarely grow to meet rapidly changing needs.  With Flexera Software solutions, producers are able to:

  • Uncover new revenue opportunities—maximize revenue by arming sales with real-time data on upcoming renewal opportunities. Support new software licensing models, such as subscription, that support virtualization and the cloud.  Automate time consuming, manual and redundant business processes with electronic licensing and entitlement management
  • Save time and eliminate manual effort--streamline processes through integration with ERP and CRM systems to facilitate revenue recognition and automate time consuming, manual and redundant subscription, entitlement management, and device lifecycle management processes.  Ease the pain of mergers and acquisitions by managing all your software licensing technologies with a single system
  • Improve customer satisfaction while cutting costs--slash inventory costs with electronic licensing, subscription and entitlement management to easily create new products while cutting support costs by enabling you, your customers and channel partners to manage software entitlements and subscriptions with a 24/7 self-service web portal

Flexera Software efficient software operations solutions are field proven with many of the world's leading application producers. They provide the ability to view and administer entitlements across all products regardless of deployment or licensing model and technology, helping companies streamline and reduce bottlenecks between their back-office, customers and partners.