FlexNet Operations Administration Training

Knowledge and Hands-On Training to Integrate Entitlement Management into Your Back-Office

FlexNet Operations Administration Made Easy

Many organizations understand the value of FlexNet Operations, but struggle with the learning curve and project scope of the back-office integration requirements. Flexera Software Global Consulting Services can provide software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with the knowledge needed to overcome the initial inertia and knowledge barriers to shorten the adoption of FlexNet Operations, via our software entitlement management training..

Flexera Software has extensive experience helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers successfully implement licensing, entitlement management and delivery solutions. FlexNet Operations Administration Training supports organizations through the critical early phases of FlexNet Operations back-office administration and integration.

FlexNet Operations Administration Training is a standalone, workshop-based engagement designed to provide the knowledge and hands-on training software vendors or intelligent device manufacturers need to implement FlexNet Operations in their back-office. The software entitlement management training focuses on an organization's ability to utilize FlexNet Operations as part of an integrated solution for licensing and entitlement management.

Business Problems Addressed:

The objective of FlexNet Operations Administration Training is to provide knowledge and hands-on training for ongoing use of the FlexNet Operations system. Lessons and training include—but are not limited to:

  • Managing core components of FlexNet Operations
    • Product management
    • Entitlement management
    • User management
  • Managing FlexNet Operations Systems
    • Updating FlexNet Operations
    • Troubleshooting
  • Web services interfaces for back-office integration
  • Integration best practices

Delivery Approach:

The engagement is delivered by a Flexera Software senior consultant during a series of training sessions. The software entitlement management training sessions cover:

  • System administration
  • Application administration
  • Integration