Common Licensing Layer Build and Assist Service

Simplify and Standardize Software License Implementation Across All Products

A Common Software Licensing Layer

Software companies and intelligent device manufacturers often have homegrown licensing solutions that become increasingly difficult to maintain or older systems that do not meet the needs and requirements of today's dynamic environment. Introduction of new licensing technology can be difficult; especially when integrating with back office systems. Plus, at many organizations, product teams are typically staffed only to the point of producing core functionality and not for extensive licensing development.

The typical software vendor or intelligent device manufacturer is not a subject-matter expert on licensing, entitlement management and delivery. As such, it is easy to overlook critical factors (like common license technology) when designing licensing solutions. By engaging with an experienced team, an organization can create a more robust solution in a shorter amount of time.

Flexera Software Global Consulting Services has extensive experience helping organizations design a state-of-the-art software licensing platform. The Common Licensing Layer Build and Assist engagement supports software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with implementation and integration of the common licensing layer.

Business Problems Addressed:

There are three objectives to Common Licensing Layer Build and Assist service:

  • Define the technical architecture and interfaces for the common licensing layer based on a system design (See Related Services)
  • Perform the development activities required to implement the common licensing layer and integrate it with the products
  • Complete testing, quality assurance functions and defect resolution to ensure the implemented solution meets the requirements and matches the planned design

Delivery Approach:

The engagement is delivered by two Flexera Software Consultants in three activities:

Activity I: Define Architecture Requirements and Detailed Common Licensing Layer Design
Architecture and technical interface is jointly developed with Flexera Software and the customer team. This results in a specification which defines the common licensing layer. The defined specification will be reviewed with the organization's engineering team and any necessary updates with be made.

Activity II: Build the Common Licensing Layer
Flexera Software will implement the common licensing layer according to the specifications in Activity I.

Activity III: Product Integration Assistance
Customer is responsible for the integration of the common licensing layer into their product and the creation of a user interface for the offline use cases. Flexera Software will provide guidance and assistance to customer during their development, test and release efforts.