Tamper Resistant Application Fortifies Your Defense Against Hacking

Today’s hackers are sophisticated, smart and determined. Software producers remain extremely vulnerable, especially if they have not implemented the latest security measures. To help producers fight back, Flexera Software’s enhanced tamper-resistant application capability provides additional security layers to fortify and protect the software application from piracy and thereby reduce revenue leakage.

Tamper Resistant Application: Protection That Goes Beyond Encryption

Flexera Software’s approach is similar to protecting a home from burglary in multiple ways:

  • Resistance—creating a moat to prevent entry
  • Obfuscation—making it difficult to find the front door
  • Detection—an alarm provides an alert for unauthorized entry

This brief offers a deeper look at this important issue and Flexera Software’s unique approach, including:

  • The vulnerability of traditional approaches
  • The 3-level tamper-resistant licensing approach provided by FlexNet Embedded, a component of FlexNet Licensing

According to a recent BSA Global Software Survey, 43 percent of the software installed on PCs around the world, totaling more than $62 billion in value, was not properly licensed.