Yantra Delivers Flexible and Intuitive Installations with InstallAnywhere

Customer Profile:

Yantra Corporation is the leading provider of distributed commerce management solutions.


Needed a fast way to build installers that target AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Windows.


InstallAnywhere let Yantra build installers for every platform on the same day they downloaded it.

Yantra Corporation, the leading provider of distributed commerce management solutions, uses InstallAnywhere to deliver its Distributed Commerce Management applications to customers quickly and easily.

“Not only was I able to create our installers on the same day that I downloaded InstallAnywhere, but each installer ran without errors on all platforms. Needless to say, I met my deadline and the product shipped with a high-quality installer on ALL platforms.”

Shawn Campbell, Principal Release Enginer, Yantra Corporation

Founded in 1995, Yantra’s solutions enable companies to coordinate and control distributed orders and inventory across multiple channels, business units, customers, suppliers, and trading partners. Global 2000 companies use Yantra’s solutions to extend existing enterprise systems and leverage new revenue opportunities, operating efficiencies, and service levels.

Java-based Solution Provides Broad Platform Support

Yantra has a diverse customer base and its Java products run on a multitude of platforms. “InstallAnywhere’s multi-platform installer technology is a natural fit with our Java-based products,” said Shawn Campbell, principal release engineer. “Our customers work on a variety of platforms including AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Windows 2000. InstallAnywhere enables us to use one standardized solution for all Java platforms. It saves us and our customers time, and delivers a uniform installation experience.”

The Developer’s Choice

“I had heard about InstallAnywhere through the developer community; several of the tools that we rely on at Yantra use InstallAnywhere to deploy their products. I downloaded InstallAnywhere and started working with it,” added Campbell. “Not only was I able to create our installers on the same day that I downloaded InstallAnywhere, but each installer ran without errors on all platforms. Needless to say, I met my deadline and the product shipped with a high-quality installer on ALL platforms.”

Award-winning Ease of Use for Faster Time-to-Market

InstallAnywhere’s Six-step Project Wizard enables developers to build a simple installer in less than five minutes. This intuitive design tool also sets the classpath and finds the main class for Java applications automatically. Its Advanced Designer delivers the power and flexibility to control every aspect of installer functionality. “InstallAnywhere has thought through all of the details of building an installer in today’s complex computing environment, allowing me to compile once and install anywhere. I don’t have to sweat the small stuff, because InstallAnywhere has already done it for me.”

Automatically Handles All Installation Details

“The benefit for our customers is simple: trouble-free installations that leverage the power of Java to provide the consistent look and feel that Infragistics’ customers have come to expect across all platforms,” said Campbell. “InstallAnywhere functions like a native installer on every platform. Our end-users don’t need to know Java, as InstallAnywhere exclusive LaunchAnywhere technology launches the installer transparently from a Windows executable or simple UNIX binary.”

Built-in Functionality Means More Flexibility and Power for the Developer

InstallAnywhere is packed with flexible options that make it easy for developers to create branded panels and billboards for a custom installation experience. Campbell appreciates InstallAnywhere’s unmatched capability to customize background images, billboards, installation labels, and panel images. “InstallAnywhere lets me create installers that reflect Yantra’s high-quality brand and image, and ensure that our customer’s experience is consistent from the moment that they click ‘install’. The installers are professional looking, and very ‘Yantra-specific,’” according to Campbell.

Provides Built-in Support for 29 Languages

For Yantra, finding an installation solution with built-in extensive foreign language support was another important plus. “Because we have customers and distributors worldwide, it is essential that the installation support multiple languages,” adds Campbell. “InstallAnywhere’s built-in internationalization support will save us time and money in our localization efforts. And the way that InstallAnywhere handles localization issues is superior to the way other installation solutions handle it. With InstallAnywhere, we simply drop in the appropriate text-based code into the pre-named resource files. It’s a snap.”

InstallAnywhere Wins Hands Down

“My concept of a great installer is one that makes the customer experience as pleasant as possible. The installer must be easy, intuitive, and it has to work. InstallAnywhere delivered on all counts, with minimal extra effort,” added Campbell. “Needless to say, InstallAnywhere has gained a loyal new customer.”

About InstallAnywhere

From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere enables developers to create reliable installations for the broadest range of current platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX , HP-UX, and IBM iSeries. You can learn more about InstallAnywhere and begin a no-cost evaluation at www.flexerasoftware.com/installanywhere.

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