Moai Creates Flexible and Intuitive Installations with InstallAnywhere

Customer Profile:

Moai offers online negotiation solutions that can significantly lower its customers’ costs and raise profit margins.


Moai needed a more cost-effective way to deploy to Windows, Solaris, and HP-UX.


InstallAnywhere enables Moai to use one installation project for all platforms instead of Developing and maintaining semi-custom batch files and scripts.

Moai Technologies, a leading e-sourcing infrastructure provider, uses InstallAnywhere to deliver its enterprise-class LiveExchange™ and CompleteSource™ to customers anywhere, on multiple platforms.

“InstallAnywhere functions like a native installer on every platform. Our end-users don’t need to know Java, as InstallAnywhere launches from a Windows executable or simple UNIX binary.”

James Talbot, Vice President of Engineering, Moai Technologies

Moai offers online negotiation solutions that can significantly lower its customers’ costs and raise profit margins. By automating contract negotiations and bringing traditional bidding and strategic sourcing processes to the Web, Moai’s LiveExchange and CompleteSource solutions deliver global reach and increased supplier competition to corporations.

Moai’s award-winning LiveExchange and CompleteSource online negotiation solutions provide corporations, government organizations, and net market makers with the technology and expertise to power highly branded auctions, reverse auctions and structured negotiations for online strategic sourcing. LiveExchange and CompleteSource enable companies to improve their sourcing processes, manage inventory, and create new sales channels.

Provides Broad Platform Support

Moai has a diverse customer base running on a range of platforms, including Windows NT, Solaris, and HP-UX. Prior to standardizing on InstallAnywhere, Moai deployed LiveExchange with complex scripts and batch files - a different script or file for each platform. This was costly, inefficient, and took up valuable developer time.

“InstallAnywhere’s multi-platform installer technology is a natural fit with our Java-based products,” said James Talbot, Moai’s vice president of engineering. “InstallAnywhere will enable us to use a standardized solution for all platforms instead of having to develop and maintain semi-custom batch files and scripts for Windows and UNIX.”

Creates One Installer for Console, Silent, and Graphical Installation Modes

Because InstallAnywhere creates a powerful installer that runs in console, silent, and GUI modes, Moai’s engineers only need to create one installation solution for all of their deployments. Moai has integrated InstallAnywhere’s ability to deploy applications in console mode into its quality assurance process. “InstallAnywhere’s console mode functionality has helped us to streamline testing,” added Talbot. “We create nightly builds of our software and send them to QA for testing. Before InstallAnywhere, we had to install our enterprise-class software manually onto each of three platforms. Now, with InstallAnywhere’s silent command-line functionality, we can deploy to QA by executing just a few commands, saving many man-hours and speeding our time to market.”

Provides Built-in Support for 29 Languages

For Moai, finding an installation with built-in foreign language support was another important plus. “InstallAnywhere’s international functionality was a big deal to us,” said Talbot. “Because we have customers and distributors worldwide, it is essential that the installation support multiple languages. InstallAnywhere’s built-in internationalization support saves us the time and expense of localizing the installer.”

Innate Functionality Means More Power for the Developer

InstallAnywhere creates a single project file for all platforms, significantly reducing developer time and effort creating separate platform-specific project files. Its intuitive design environment reduces the engineering required by taking care of much of the work needed to construct a fully functional installer.

All installer functionality is logically organized and intuitively presented, taking the guesswork out installer design. “InstallAnywhere’s intuitive interface makes it easy to see what happens in what order. With InstallAnywhere, we can program on a development machine then transfer the installer to a build environment, without any file translation hassles or incompatibilities,” added Talbot.

Automatically Handles All Installation Details

“It would have taken us significantly longer to create an installer by customizing another commercially available solution for Windows and writing native code and shell scripts for UNIX. We heard about InstallAnywhere’s multi-platform functionality and spent time talking with other satisfied InstallAnywhere customers,” Talbot continued. The benefit for Moai’s customers is simple: trouble-free installations that leverage the power of Java to provide a consistent look and feel across all platforms. “InstallAnywhere functions like a native installer on every platform. Our end-users don’t need to know Java, as InstallAnywhere launches from a Windows executable or simple UNIX binary.”

As leading-edge software companies like Moai move toward an anytime, anywhere distribution model, they will continue to look for solutions such as InstallAnywhere for their application infrastructure needs.

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