FutureSource: FlexNet Connect solves electronic software update challenges for leading financial data provider

Customer Profile:

FutureSource serves the mission-critical financial data market offering software and delivery services to traders, brokers, and risk managers with information on comprehensive futures, options and cash price data, news, and analysis tools.


  • Required a reliable way to update critical time-sensitive financial market data to its customers to ensure they had the most up-to-date information.
  • Staff called customers to alert them to new software versions available for download on the Internet.


  • Significantly reduced the time gap of when new software versions are available to the customers download by sending automatic communications to prompt download instead of thousands of physical calls.
  • Along with the seamless integration with InstallShield, FutureSource can easily create and distribute reliable software updates to their customers.


FlexNet Connect streamlined the software update process to ensure customers have the critical information they need to perform time-sensitive financial market analysis.

About FutureSource

FutureSource provides traders, brokers and risk managers with comprehensive futures, options and cash price data, news, and charting analysis tools through a series of networked, stand-alone, and Internet delivery strategies and software applications. FutureSource has corporate offices in Lombard, Illinois, with sales offices in Chicago, New York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Sydney and Mexico City, along with reseller offices that combine to serve traders the world over.

“FlexNet Connect has completely streamlined our updating process, and the built-in reporting features allow us to ensure all of our end users receive critical updates.”

Jim Ekstrand, Product Manager, FutureSource

The Application Updating Challenge

Due to the critical nature of the market data FutureSource provides to their customers, they needed a software update solution that would ensure end users always had the most up-to-date information. FutureSource delivered updates by physically calling end users and pointing them to a Web site to download updates. This method was time-consuming for both FutureSource employees and their end users. In addition, as their customer base increased, FutureSource required a better method to ensure all end users would receive critical updates in a timely manner.

The Flexera Software Solution

FutureSource selected FlexNet Connect because their growing customer base made their current updating method no longer feasible. In addition, FutureSource did not want to spend the time and money to internally develop a framework to deliver updates dynamically.

“Flexera Software has a great reputation for providing exceptional products, and we were confident FlexNet Connect was the right choice for us,” remarked Jim Ekstrand, Product Manager for FutureSource. “FlexNet Connect has completely streamlined our updating process, and the built-in reporting features allow us to ensure all of our end users receive critical updates.”

FlexNet Connect seamlessly integrates the InstallShield installation-authoring tool used in-house, which allowed FutureSource to easily create and distribute reliable application updates.


FutureSource was able to quickly implement FlexNet Connect and immediately realized time savings benefits. Now instead of calling each end user to inform them of updates, end users can automatically and with one click check for critical updates on their own.

Through FlexNet Connect, FutureSource has also enabled their application to check for critical updates every time an end user launches the application. This ensures their customers never miss a critical update.

“Before FlexNet Connect, our support department would have to contact users and inform them of a product update, a process that was time consuming and very ineffective,” said Ekstrand. “We needed a faster, more efficient way to deliver product updates, without the cost of developing a framework internally. The FlexNet Connect provided us just that.”

FutureSource is extremely pleased with the ease of use of FlexNet Connect and the time savings both they and their customers have realized as a result of its implementation. The company plans to continue using FlexNet Connect for all future application updates.

About Flexera Software

Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management; solutions delivering continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value to application producers and their customers. Flexera Software is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensive solutions — from installation and licensing, entitlement and compliance management to application readiness and software license optimization — to strategically manage application usage and achieve breakthrough results realized only through the systems-level approach we provide. For more information, please go to: www.flexerasoftware.com.