Video Surveillance Product Supplier Improves Installation Development Efficiency Through Concurrent Licensing Model

Customer Profile:

The world’s leading supplier of video products and content delivers cutting-edge services to customers around the world. The company’s video surveillance products incorporate digitization and networking, as well as high-definition and smart technologies. It operates over 30 domestic branches in China and more than 10 overseas branches worldwide.


  • Long cycle time for production due to competition for limited computing resources
  • Difficulty in maintaining efficiencies while still meeting customer needs for product customization
  • Inconsistent collaboration across departments
  • Underutilization of team’s engineering staff


The company upgraded to Flexera Software’s concurrent licensing model of InstallShield® Professional to replace a single node-locked license. By doing so, the company was able to evolve the production process and meet its team’s requirement to develop reliable software installations while achieving the best efficiencies.


  • Saves time, eliminates competition for computing resources during production
  • Flexible deployment allows simultaneous customization and standard production workflows
  • Brings reliability of InstallShield to wider audience within company, departments can standardize approach and centralize maintenance
  • More productive engineering staff due to on-demand license access
  • Allow users to access back releases of InstallShield
  • Reduce cost of purchase while achieving the best efficiency

Current Approach Limiting

To meet growing global customer demands, the company realized the need to focus more on business efficiency. One of these key business processes is the production line, where software packaging/ installation is performed. To meet their software packaging/installation needs, the company deployed a single user instance of InstallShield. But over time, the company discovered this approach was limiting their capabilities and impacting staff productivity

“InstallShield Concurrent Licensing has made it so much easier for us to manage our applications and also has helped us to achieve more efficiency in our business. It is perfect for our team and our business.”

- Manager of Purchasing

The node-locked InstallShield license was installed on a single computer, which could only be used by one registered user. However, multiple teams would wait for one registered user to use this node-locked InstallShield license to create installation solutions for their multiple projects. These resource conflicts would often result in a queue of work needing to be performed, along with staff waiting around. The Research & Development (R&D) team frequently complained about the inefficient process and that it took too much time.

Additionally, if multiple teams purchase their own node-locked InstallShield license for each individual department, these teams would not be able to maximize their investment in the InstallShield license because it is likely that some node-locked InstallShield licenses would be used only a few hours per week. With packaging requirements dispersed across departments, it was not cost efficient and resulted in a lack of standardization.

Concurrent Licensing Model Streamlines and Standardizes Approach

Flexera Software’s solutions offered the company the ability to upgrade to a more flexible licensing strategy. InstallShield Concurrent Licenses allow simultaneous use by many users across multiple computing resources.

Greater Value for the Company

For the company, one or more computers can be dedicated to Modifying & Customization, while other computers can simultaneously run automation scripts for packaging. From an administrative and collaboration perspective, InstallShield Concurrent Licensing is centrally maintained by the department responsible.

If there are any technical difficulties, specialists are available to communicate with R&D and production staff and resolve the issues. This unified interface for service and support means users do not have to individually look to different sources for support.

An InstallShield concurrent license allows users to access back releases of installShield (for example, InstallShield 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2012 Spring, 2013 and 2014). Because the team has different IT environments across departments, the ability to access back releases enables the team to choose the appropriate versions of the InstallShield license based on their individual requirements.

Greater Value for the Purchasing Department

Using the InstallShield concurrent license model has made it easy for the purchasing department to manage the license. The Purchasing Department only needs to manage a single serial number, a single maintenance plan and a single renewal date. The concurrent license also eliminates key generation, transfer requests, and license activation/deactivation. With a concurrent license, the Purchasing Department has reduced the time and efforts needed to manage multiple node-locked licenses across different cities and departments.

“InstallShield Concurrent Licensing has made it so much easier for us to manage our applications and also has helped us to achieve more efficiency in our business. It is perfect for our team and our business,” said the company’s purchasing department manager.

Greater Value for the Engineering Staff

The engineers agree as well. The increased, on-demand access to the concurrent licenses has allowed them to fully utilize the product features across teams. Specifically, the feature to invoke from the command line effectively integrates with a continuous platform for a continuous integration loop. The interface is easy to master, and the cost of other colleagues learning about it and how to use it is fairly low. There is a straightforward development workflow and basic programming framework, and the programming specification is better.

In terms of the concurrent license it has shortened the queue time. If it is not needed by another user, then it can be used by others, even across regions, at any time. This increases the utilization of packaging tools. It lowers procurement costs for the company and maximizes the utilization of resources.

“InstallShield is a very practical powerful application installation solution and it has efficiently standardized our application installation process and also significantly improved our effectiveness!” said one of the company’s engineers on the Application Installation Team.

What’s Next

InstallShield and its concurrent licensing model and flexibility helped the company create a highly efficient packaging and installation process and shift more time to their own product improvements. They are quite happy with their experience and will be increasing their number of concurrent user licenses of InstallShield Professional.

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