Clearion Software: Converted from Competitor’s Installer to Increase Reliability and Save Time

Customer Profile:

Clearion Software works with leading utility and infrastructure companies across the globe to solve complex operational challenges. The company develops commercial software to manage complicated workflows in geographically dispersed environments and provide tools for field teams to manage construction/ maintenance lifecycles.

Challenges and Needs:

  • Too much time spent building basic installation functionality
  • Lack of flexibility with data flow and templates
  • Unreliable uninstall process
  • Multiple installation builders, including add-on installers created in non-supported version of Visual Studio
  • Support ended for the recently purchased version of InstallAware


Clearion Software implemented InstallShield® from Flexera Software. By using InstallShield, Clearion was able to move to a single installation platform.


  • Saved time through an easier-to-use installation builder, including basic build, configuration, and .NET execution
  • Simplified process through a more flexible dialog flow, installation wizard, and templates
  • Increased reliability of basic functionality and the uninstall process
  • Standardized on one installation platform that supports the latest Visual Studio environment

Current Installation Tool Not Saving Time

As a small development team supporting the biggest utility companies in the country, time is precious. Deployment tools are chosen carefully and expected to work, producing optimal results.

"Things are more intuitive with InstallShield… the way you build the basic installer, the way you configure the features and components, and the way you design those all together and execute specific .NET functionality with assemblies"

Mano Sadeh, Engineer, Clearion Software

That was the goal when Clearion Software selected InstallAware to build installations. The reality was different.

“From the beginning and even more later on, InstallAware didn’t nicely do what we needed. It’s not functioning the way that we think it should,” said Mano Sadeh, engineer, Clearion Software. “We’re using it and it gets the job done, but not optimally.”

The concerns included fundamental capabilities like basic MSI, Windows installer on a desktop machine, configuration/assignment of features and components, and the ability to execute specific .NET functionality. An unreliable uninstaller also became an issue and required a workaround from the IT team.

The final straw was when support for the version purchased was stopped only a few months after the initial purchase.

“When we purchased InstallAware, we had a perception that it was newer and offered a fresh perspective on installation. That was not the case,” said Sadeh.

Microsoft Visual Studio Installers Needed Rebuilding

Beyond these basics, Clearion had another important need. “Our main product installer was built with InstallAware. We also created customized installers for add-ons using Microsoft Visual Studio,” explained Sadeh. “We needed to redo our installers to work in the new Visual Studio development environment offered beyond 2010.”

Based on the need to make things easier and a Visual Studio update, the Clearion team went hunting for a new installation solution that could meet all platform needs. They selected InstallShield.

InstallShield Reduces Development Time... and Gets It Right

As the team selected a new installation tool, it was all about “one plus”. “After our experience working with various installation software tools, we believe InstallShield is the right “plus” to combine all of our installation requirements,” explains Sadeh. “InstallShield also met our basic need of making things simpler and saving time.”

In addition to one platform that supports all installation requirements, Sadeh described multiple InstallShield benefits:

  • Stronger basic functionality
  • Better flow of dialogs
  • More flexible and easier to use, including more templates out of the box
  • Consistently functioning uninstall process

“Things are more intuitive with InstallShield… the way you build the basic installer, the way you configure the features and components, and the way you design those all together and execute specific .NET functionality with assemblies,” said Sadeh. “Flexibility is also really strong with the flow of dialog and the installation wizard. It’s easy to use, configure, and set up.”

Save Time Today, Simplify Customer Experience in Future

While Clearion’s immediate goal focuses on saving time and enabling ease-of-use in the development process, the team also sees the opportunity down the road to simplify the customer installation experience. “It’s another reason for us to go with InstallShield as we head into a second phase,” said Sadeh.

But for today, it’s all about saving time and reliability. “We need to make installation simpler and consistent… to get it right,” said Sadeh. “Moving from InstallAware to InstallShield will get us there. I like everything better in InstallShield.”

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