Migrating from a Legacy Product (GTL) to FlexNet Operations

Benefits of Moving to FlexNet Operations

  • Easily manage multiple license technologies and reduce operational costs
  • Quickly configure and launch new products or modify packaging
  • Enforce and modify business policies as needed
  • Enable hands-free trials and activation for your end users
  • Automate support for all license lifecycle activities, not just some
  • Gain clear visibility into business performance

GTL is an older license generation tool used to generate FlexNet licenses and automate parts of the license lifecycle process. If you are like most GTL customers, you may be struggling with how to solve the following challenges:

  • My business owners want to price and package products in near real-time speed.
  • I want to report on customer entitlements, track fulfillment history, and share these reports across the organization.
  • I need a better way to track upgrades and renewals and proactively reach out to my customers.
  • I want to easily synchronize data with my ERP/CRM systems and enable a single user experience.
  • My customers want an easy way to rehost their licenses in bulk.
  • I want a centralized location to manage all of my orders across all of my systems.
  • The channel continues to drive our business and support from my internal systems is lacking.

FlexNet Operations is the Answer

If you want to overcome these challenges, FlexNet Operations is the answer. Developed by Flexera Software – the same company that brought you GTL – FlexNet Operations is an enterprise-class entitlement management system that allows you to manage any license technology, automate the entire license lifecycle, and easily create new products and link them to different license models.

Why GTL Customers Are Moving to FlexNet Operations

FlexNet Operations provides significant advantages over GTL, including:

  • Highly flexible product packaging and licensing schemes you can implement on the fly
  • Support for reporting and automated alerts that support proactive sales activities (e.g., renewals)
  • Standards-based integration options for centralization of all usage/entitlement-based information
  • Channel specific features, including tracking and reporting capabilities

GTL customers are migrating to FlexNet Operations because it is an enterprise-class system with superior scalability and performance. It offers comprehensive integration interfaces with ERP and CRM systems, as well as localization capabilities – all of which GTL does not. Flip this sheet over for a more detailed comparison.

We are confident in our choice to migrate to FlexNet Operations because of Flexera Software’s attention to excellence and customer commitment to ensuring our success.

Harvey Tenen, Principal Product Manager, Citrix Systems

Part of Entitlement Relationship Management Solution

FlexNet Operations is a core component of Flexera Software’s Entitlement and Compliance Management Solution, which helps you increase revenue by simplifying customer relationships. Software and hardware producers rely on the Entitlement and Compliance Management Solution to manage entitlements and licensing, deliver software updates, and monitor compliance.

Comparing GTL to FlexNet Operations

Functionality GTL FlexNet Operations
Product Packaging
  • Uses the concept of PRDs (license templates) to generate a license
  • PRDs contain both feature and license model characteristics
  • Products contain features and are linked to separately defined, reusable license models
    • Enables highly flexible product packaging and reporting/tracking
    • No PRD proliferation
  • Define relationships between products to facilitate renewals and upgrades
ERP and CRM Integration
  • Difficult-to-use command-line exchange utility and a Web service to export/import data
  • Extensive Web services to enable integration with any ERP/CRM system, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Vista, and Vantive
Defining Users, Organizations, Roles, and Permissions
  • No supported external interfaces to load users/organizations
  • No support for LDAP server integration
  • Hard to control user access via roles and permissions
  • Use Web services to populate users and organizations
  • Supports LDAP integration, eliminating duplication and manual effort
  • Easily control access by creating/editing users with specific roles and permissions
  • Cannot track channel partner activity
  • Track channel partners and their activities
  • Web services automate entitlement creation
  • Based on proprietary XML framework
  • Customer portal is servlet or JSP-based and the publisher portal is a Swing-based Java client
  • Uses standard J2EE framework, enabling clustering, scalability, and richer portal integration
  • Both portals are 100% Web-based, increasing usability
License Lifecycle Activities
  • Upgrades/renewals: No automated capabilities for upgrades/renewals; need to define special PRDs and write logic
  • Rehosts: Customer portal requires a two-step process of a return and re-activation; need to rehost licenses one by one
  • Upgrades/renewals: Keeps track of the licenses on a host and checks if the customer is entitled to an upgrade or renewal
  • Rehosts: Single-step operation; supports batch rehost of licenses
License Lifecycle and Fulfillment History
  • Emergency and stop gap licenses: Not supported out of the box and tracked
  • Single view of fulfillment history not available
  • Modifying business policy requires direct database edits
  • Emergency and stop gap licenses: Generated easily and trackable
  • View fulfillment history in a single page view
  • Easily modify business policies around license lifecycle events
Email and Alerts
  • License text in the body of the email
  • Automated alerts are not supported
  • Email license as an attachment
  • Email can match your branding
  • Receive automated alerts around important business events (e.g., expiring entitlements
Self-Service Portal
  • Can’t configure portal pages
  • Configure look and feel easily to match corporate standards
  • Configure data displayed on screens

Next Steps:
Visit www.flexerasoftware.com/fno or call 1- 800-809-5659 to learn more about the benefits of migrating to FlexNet Operations.