FlexNet Operations Datasheet

Benefits to Software Vendors and Intelligent Device Manufacturers

  • Improve efficiency by managing multiple license generators and technologies with a single system
  • Help facilitate revenue recognition and reduce manual effort by automating subscription and entitlement management tasks
  • Increase channel revenue by measuring channel performance and planning incentive programs to meet business goals
  • Ease the pain of mergers and acquisitions by easily integrating new license generators into a single system
  • Maximize revenue with new licensing models and better entitlement and subscription tracking and reporting
  • Cut support costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering end-user self-service

Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers often underestimate how complicated managing software entitlements can be. Homegrown entitlement management tools might work initially, but can rarely grow to meet your changing needs. Ask yourself:

  • Can you easily integrate a new license generator?
  • Is it easy for customers to return, transfer and modify entitlements on their own?
  • Will it work with other licensing technologies you may acquire?
  • Do orders flow from your entitlement management system to your ERP and CRM systems?
  • Can it give your sales team real-time data to help increase renewal rates and upsells?
  • Can you roll out a new licensed product in just a few hours?

FlexNet Operations is a More Efficient Way to Manage Entitlements

FlexNet Operations gives you the power to manage software entitlements, subscriptions, and devices easily and efficiently. It cuts operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment and activation of entitlements and improves customer satisfaction by providing a consistent experience and a 24x7 self-service Web portal.

Ease the Pain of Mergers and Acquisitions

FlexNet Operations gives you a single, unified solution for viewing and administering entitlements across all your license generators, whether they support Flex, homegrown, or any third-party software licensing technology. By supporting multiple technologies, FlexNet Operations makes entitlement management and software license tracking far more efficient while simplifying the back-office integration issues that come with mergers and acquisitions. FlexNet Operations can also integrate with your ERP and CRM systems, so you can streamline order entry, license generation, fulfillment, and change requests from customers.

Better Understand Customers and Boost Sales with Rich Reporting Data

FlexNet Operations has rich reporting capabilities that give you detailed insight into who is receiving entitlements for what product. It can tell you the ratio of entitlements to software activations, how often entitlements are being returned and re-hosted, as well as which customers are requesting temporary licenses. Reports also benefit your sales team by alerting them to revenue-generating events such as upcoming renewal opportunities.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Self-Service Portal

FlexNet Operations helps empower you, your customers and channel partners with a Web-based self-service portal they can access 24x7. The portal lets them easily return, modify, and rehost licenses and reassign entitlements, subscriptions, and device capabilities at any time without calling your support staff. Your customers can even track which division or location within their company owns the licenses so they can share or redistribute them as needed.

Build New Revenue Streams with Flexible Software Licensing Models

To maximize revenue, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers often modify their pricing and packaging to fit customer needs, but it can be time-consuming and tie up internal resources. FlexNet Operations lets you capitalize on these revenue opportunities by quickly creating new product configurations and license models – without involving your IT or development staff.

The Entitlement Management Solution from Flexera Software has helped AlcatelLucent improve the way we view and administer entitlements. Now our license generators can be consolidated into a single system, saving us time and money while giving customers a more consistent experience.

Manish Sharma, Alcatel-Lucent

End-to-End Software Licensing, Entitlement Management and Device Lifecycle Management

FlexNet Operations is a core component of the FlexNet Producer Suite for Software Vendors and Intelligent Device Manufacturers from Flexera Software, offering end-to-end software licensing, subscription and entitlement management and device lifecycle management which empowers manufacturers to implement new revenue models and realize significant cost savings.

Flexera Software Knows Entitlement Management

Flexera Software is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensive solutions — from installation and licensing, entitlement and compliance management to application readiness and software license optimization — to strategically manage application usage and achieve breakthrough results realized only through the systems-level approach we provide. For more information, please go to: www.flexerasoftware.com.systems-level approach we provide. For more information, please go to: www.flexerasoftware.com.

FlexNet Operations Feature Highlights

Reduce Operational Costs

One Entitlement Management Solution for Managing All Software License Generators and Technologies

FlexNet Operations offers a single system for managing and tracking entitlements across all your license key generators (Flex, homegrown or third-party). It gives you a central repository for tracking and managing all entitlements and licenses, while supporting any kind of license generation (manual, hands-free/programmatic, binary or text). By supporting multiple technologies, FlexNet Operations makes entitlement management and software license tracking far more efficient while simplifying the back-office integration issues that come with mergers and acquisitions

ERP and CRM Integration

Reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming manual processes by integrating FlexNet Operations with your ERP and CRM systems.

Automate Licensing Tasks

Reduce or eliminate manual data entry and facilitate revenue recognition by automating entitlement tracking, license creation and license fulfillment.

Enable New Revenue Opportunities

Enable New Revenue Models for Virtualized Environments and Region-Based Licensing

To prevent revenue leakage in virtualized environments, a software vendor or intelligent device manufacturer can define license models that allow or deny use of their products in a virtual environment such as VMware and Hyper-V. They can also grow revenues by charging a premium for software used in a virtual environment. In addition, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers can grow revenue by pricing differently based on geography with support for keywords related to detecting and enforcing time zone licensing.

Protect and Grow Revenues by Leveraging New and Existing License Models in Amazon EC2

FlexNet Operations allows software vendors and intelligent device manufactuers to develop license models for deploying software in Amazon EC2, including:

  • Concurrent use licenses
  • Standalone virtual appliances
  • Pay-by-hour for virtual appliances
  • Charge for bursts of use for software instances

Track and Grow Revenues from Channels

Vendors and manufacturers can increase revenues by measuring channel/ distributor performance and planning incentive programs to meet business goals. In addition, they can lower their operational costs by providing 24x7 self-service to their channel partners.

Grow Revenues from Bundled Products While Ensuring Seamless Customer Experience

Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers can better monetize maintenance programs by automating rules based on maintenance status and be able to easily execute upgrades and renewals in bulk across their customer base.

Proactive License Tracking

Better capitalize on revenue opportunities by proactively tracking license entitlements and support contracts and notifying customers before they expire.

Create New Product Configurations

Build new product packages and license models without involving IT or development staff.

Improve Customer Experience

Efficient Activation

Internet and offline activation capabilities within FlexNet Operations help simplify even complex software license management tasks, making it quick and easy to activate licenses. Efficient activation helps reduce support calls related to product activation, upsells and upgrades, as well as lowers network bandwidth costs related to product activation requests.

Self-Service Customer Web Portal

Reduce support costs by providing a 24x7 self-service Web portal that you, your customers and channel partners can use to manage license delivery, returns, rehosts, upgrades and renewals

Hands-Free Product Activation

Your customers can automatically activate products without contacting your customer support staff.

“Shopping Cart”-Style Product Activation

Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers will see their customer satisfaction levels increase as their customers will find it easier to activate a series of products all at once.

Batch Activation and Rehosting

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by using FlexNet Operations to allow customers to activate, rehost and redistribute licenses in bulk across multiple license servers simultaneously.

Control Access to FlexNet Operations

Your customers can easily define each user’s access rights to FlexNet Operations, so your personnel can only perform authorized tasks.

Entitlement Management for Intelligent Device Manufacturers

Enable New Revenue Models for Intelligent Device Manufacturers

FlexNet Operations supports intelligent device manufacturers’ entitlement management needs by efficiently creating new product offerings and managing FlexNet Embedded licenses. Intelligent device manufacturers can increase their revenues by quickly and efficiently penetrating new markets with new product offerings that meet customer demands.

Make-to-Stock Channel Management

Lower operational costs with make-to-stock channel management by enabling self-service and tracking of product entitlements as they move through a complex channel network. Make-to-stock channel management also enables manufacturers to track and monitor best performing partners while ensuring data privacy.

Device Lifecycle Management

Intelligent device manufacturers have the ability to increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost by turning “on” or “off” capabilities based on the customers’ entitlement. A customer can choose easily to “add-on” to his device. The upgrade is done seamlessly without having to return the device.

Backup and Restore Device Data

FlexNet Operations captures backup data about devices provisioned by a license server in an enterprise or service provider environment. Manufacturers can restore device data from FlexNet Operations to rebuild a license server in case of data loss, helping to minimize downtime.

License Server Data Synchronization

FlexNet Operations’ License Server Data Synchronization capability allows manufacturers to gather device data managed on a license server. This can lower problem resolution time and support costs by knowing configuration parameters of a device for which an end customer is requesting customer support assistance.

Gain Customer Insights

Detailed Entitlement Reporting and Tracking

FlexNet Operations has rich reporting capabilities, giving you detailed insight into who is receiving entitlements for what product, what entitlements are being returned and re-hosted, and more.

Track and Report Using Customer Hierarchies

Provide your customers with the ability to manage their organizational hierarchies, so they can easily track which division or location owns the licenses and can share or redistribute them as needed.

Custom Attribute Searching and Reporting

Define, search for, and report on custom attributes that you care about (including customer demographic and product-specific data) for both FlexNet, homegrown and third-party software licensing technologies.

Customer Data Collection

Better understand your customers (even those that purchased through resellers) by gathering demographic data during the activation process and delivering responses based on that data.

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