FlexNet Producer Suite for Software Vendors Brochure

Improve Your Business in a Challenging Economy

For more than two decades, Flexera Software has been powering the business of software. The FlexNet® Producer Suite is the industry’s leading software licensing, entitlement management and software delivery and update solution. It offers the most flexible and comprehensive set of software licensing, protection, monetization, packaging, updating and distribution management capabilities.

With the FlexNet Producer Suite, Flexera Software is committed to delivering game-changing capabilities that can help your software company:

  • Protect and monetize IP—on-premises, SaaS, Cloud and virtualized.
  • Innovate faster by unlocking new product packages as well as new software licensing, business and promotional models.
  • Streamline manual and redundant entitlement management processes.
  • Reduce and simplify software updating and distribution processes.

…all while ensuring the highest quality of service and a consistent, enjoyable end-user experience.

In today’s challenging global economy, as companies of all kinds look for new ways to grow revenues and help customers comply with entitlements, FlexNet Producer Suite can play an essential role.

The Entitlement Management Solution from Flexera Software has helped Alcatel-Lucent improve the way we view and administer entitlements. Now our license generators can be consolidated into a single system, saving us time and money while giving customers a more consistent experience.

Manish Sharma, Alcatel-Lucent

Package, Protect and License Software

FlexNet Producer Suite allows software vendors to enable multiple product versions to be created from a single binary by using license files. Software vendors can create targeted product packages for different audiences, offer flexible license models including: trials, demo, evaluation, concurrent and expiring—all while protecting your valuable IP against piracy.

Simplify Entitlement Management

FlexNet Producer Suite gives you, your customers and channel partners a single system for managing and viewing the ways your customers are entitled to use, download and update your software.

Provide Electronic Software Delivery and Updates

FlexNet Producer Suite offers comprehensive capabilities to enable software vendors to distribute and update their software electronically, through either push or pull methods.

Flexera Software: Industry Leader

Flexera Software is the software industry’s solution of choice for software licensing, entitlement management and software delivery and update management. It helps software vendors to innovate products faster, streamline entitlement management and simplify software updating and distribution. Relied upon by thousands of companies worldwide, Flexera Software was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Software-Enforced License Management and was recognized by SIIA in 2007 as having the finest solutions for software vendors.

As Foray Technologies expands its business globally, we really need the power and flexibility that we can get only from a mature Suite like FlexNet. There’s no way we could approach its level of speed and sophistication with an internally developed solution.

Mont Rothstein, Vice President of Product Development, Foray Technologies

Emerging Markets Drive Software Piracy to a Record $59 Billion in 2010, BSA Reports

The software industry is being robbed blind. Nearly $59 billion worth of products were stolen last year—and the rates of theft are completely out of control in the world’s fastest-growing markets. The irony is people everywhere value intellectual property rights, but in many cases they don’t understand they are getting their software illegally.

Robert Holleyman, BSA President and CEO

Flexera Software continues to set the standard for technology in this space. Despite having a busy year in terms of divestitures and acquisitions, Flexera Software has demonstrated continued investment in product innovation.

IDC, Worldwide Software Product Life-Cycle Management 2008-2012 Forecast

The Industry’s Top Choice to Package, Protect and License Software

Flexera Software’s FlexNet Producer Suite helps protect and monetize your software, ensuring that your customers can use, download and update everything they are entitled to—but not more than they should.

FlexNet Producer Suite is a complete, integrated end-to-end solution that plays an important role in your company’s profitability. It allows you to increase revenues by providing customers with many options to try and buy as well as flexible licensing and pricing models to meet the needs of today’s demanding customers, including: concurrent, floating, node, token-based, metered, pay-per-use and hundreds of other licensing options for protecting and monetizing software deployed on-premises, as a SaaS application, in the Cloud and in virtualized environments.

Build Your Business Through Effective Entitlement Management

FlexNet Producer Suite gives you more than a consolidated view into software entitlements; it provides integrated enterprise-class business intelligence and management of customer entitlements. It arms you with a wide range of information critical in making the right business decisions.

From reducing costs by consolidating and streamlining processes, personnel and technologies, to maximizing revenue from your packaging and promotion efforts, FlexNet Producer Suite provides the insight you need to build your business and manage it effectively.

Flexera Software’s FlexNet Connect solution enabled us to release our Thomson Reuters Eikon product with best-inclass software update capabilities that gives our customers peace of mind that their realtime financial desktop software will be up-todate and operational 24/7.

Andrei Borsaru, Thomson Reuters

Software has helped us transition our focus from individual, repetitive customer fulfillment transaction processing to customer self-service enablement—a far more strategic and high-impact place to be. Since then, Sybase’s per-unit distribution costs have dropped more than 80 percent.

Bob Mullen, Director of Operations, Sybase

Strengthen Relationships and Streamline Processes with Electronic Software Delivery and Updates

FlexNet Producer Suite allows you to increase the value of customer relationships by connecting to your end-users directly through the products they use. We offer both push and pull electronic software delivery and update mechanisms that can help software vendors:

  • Automate critical software updates and patches.
  • Gain visibility across the distribution chain and communicate directly with end-users, regardless of the sales channel.
  • Understand which features customers use on which specific operating system.

Flexera Software Wins 2011 Market Share Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan presented the 2011 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Software-Enforced License Management to Flexera Software.

Hybrid Solution Delivery: On-Premises or On-Demand

Flexera Software recognizes that software vendors have a wide range of needs in implementing software licensing, entitlement management and software delivery and update management. To give your organization easy access to the FlexNet Producer Suite capabilities you need, we offer a choice of onpremises installation or on-demand (SaaS) implementations that can be used with your on-premises, SaaS, Cloud and virtualized applications.


FlexNet Publisher, Flexera Software’s flagship software licensing technology, makes it easy for software vendors to secure, enhance and grow market share through flexible pricing, packaging, licensing and protection of their software.

FlexNet Embedded, the newest licensing technology offered by Flexera Software, enables software vendors the flexibility to tailor licensing, pricing and packaging models.

Entitlement Management

FlexNet Operations gives software vendors the power to manage software licenses and entitlements easily and efficiently. It automates the generation, fulfillment and activation of software and entitlements and provides a consistent experience. It offers a holistic, 24x7, self-service Web portal for you, your customers and your channel partners. Available On-Demand or On-Premises.

Software Updating

FlexNet Connect keeps costs down by connecting you to users. It electronically delivers applications, updates and messages directly to their systems while at the same time providing deep customer insight into your install base. Available On-Demand or On-Premises.

Electronic Software Delivery

FlexNet Delivery gives software vendors the power to electronically deliver their products to customers efficiently and cost-effectively. Available On-Demand.

Global Consulting Services

Flexera Software Professional Services enables software vendors to accelerate and increase the value your organization receives from Flexera Software solutions. Our experts average more than ten years’ experience in software entitlement, licensing, installation and packaging. Through subject matter expertise and a proven methodology, we can help you implement and evaluate current or potential strategies to achieve your business objectives.

About Flexera Software

Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management; solutions delivering continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value to application producers and their customers. Flexera Software is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensive solutions — from installation and licensing, entitlement and compliance management to application readiness and software license optimization — to strategically manage application usage and achieve breakthrough results realized only through the systems-level approach we provide. For more information, please go to: www.flexerasoftware.com.

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