FlexNet Licensing Datasheet

Benefits to Application Producers

  • Grow revenue when you support the full software licensing spectrum— from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify
  • Protect and monetize all your IP—on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualized and embedded— without negatively impacting usability
  • Reach new markets and achieve deeper market penetration with electronic licensing
  • Change pricing and licensing terms quickly to match market demand
  • Improve the customer experience when you make it easy for customers to activate and manage licenses

FlexNet Licensing—composed of FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded—empowers application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) to combat software piracy and increase revenues by easily enabling new pricing, packaging and software licensing models. It supports the full software licensing spectrum, from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify, and enables software protection, monetization and compliance of on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualized and embedded applications.

Maximize Revenue with Flexible Software Licensing Models

To maximize revenue and market penetration, application producers need to offer pricing models and product configurations that fit their customers’ needs. FlexNet Licensing gives you the flexibility to:

  • Creatively price, package, and bundle products for broader and deeper market penetration
  • Quickly create lite, standard, and premium product versions to better target customers and markets
  • Easily create multiple software products to address different markets and geographies
  • Efficiently enable cross-sell and up-sell for products licensed together as packages and suites
  • Select from a matrix of hundreds of licensing models, including: locked, floating, named-user, subscription, capacity, metered, pay-for-use, pay-for-overage, time-limited and many more models

Prevent Revenue Loss with Software Piracy Protection

Hackers are constantly exploiting weaknesses in software to gain access to capabilities they never paid for. FlexNet Licensing protects your products against revenue loss by ensuring only licensed and credentialed users can access your products according to your software licensing terms. What separates FlexNet Licensing from other solutions is that it enforces security and protection without negatively impacting the usability of your products and alienating your customers.

There is absolutely no reason to build your own licensing mechanisms when Flexera Software offers everything you need to protect your IP and fulfill your customer’s needs in today’s complex, relentlessly evolving technology markets.

Bob Masson, Marketing Director, Convey Computer

Expand Software Revenue Protection into Virtualized Environments and the Cloud

Virtualization and the cloud have changed the software landscape by making it easier to create multiple machines on a single physical machine or in the cloud. These technologies also create a potential vulnerability in terms of license enforcement and compliance. Flexera Software has collaborated with virtualization and cloud platform manufacturers to provide a rich set of capabilities that allow you to address revenue protection in virtualized and cloud environments that recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction.

With FlexNet Licensing’s virtualization and cloud capabilities, you can apply the appropriate enforcement strategy for a given customer based upon the level of trust you have with that customer. For different customers and geographies, you can define enforcement policies and support for use of software, including “detect and deny” and “detect and report.”

Easy License Activation and Management

A large percentage of support costs come from licensing solutions where customers encounter problems activating, moving or changing licenses. With FlexNet Licensing’s activation capabilities, your customers can activate and change licenses with a single click of the mouse. Every change is automatically captured and optionally communicated to your back-office. It helps your customers begin using your products rapidly without involving your support staff or violating your contracts.

  • Provide customers with single-click license activation, deactivation, returns, transfers, upgrades and renewals
  • Ensure compliance when customers modify or transfer licenses
  • Capture customer information automatically during the license activation process

IT buyers wish to focus on allocating resources more efficiently and generating ROI, which means negotiating the most beneficial license agreements. In this environment, FlexNet Publisher can help software vendors deliver customized licensing solutions and the terms to go with them.

Amy Konary, Research Director, Software Pricing, Licensing and Delivery, IDC

Capture New Revenue with Usage-Based Licensing and Pricing Models

Driven by your enterprise customers’ need to reduce shelf-ware, their unwillingness to pay large up-front fees for software, and their dissatisfaction with software audits and growing interest in payper- use (utility) models, many application producers are adopting new monetization strategies that better meet their customers’ software licensing and compliance needs. As a result, many enterprise customers have indicated that (for some products and in some markets) they want to move to a usagebased trust-but-verify software licensing and compliance management model.

When you couple FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Embedded) software licensing with FlexNet Usage Capture you have the ability and flexibility to:

  • Support usage-based trust-but-verify software licensing and compliance models – by implementing a usage-based trust but verify model you can offer your enterprise customers pricing based on actual usage (pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc.)
  • Capture any type of usage in mostly free-form format – including but not limited to user, feature, quantity, date time and unit of measure.

Our customers expressed a desire to pay for the software they used in a more accurate way and wanted greater flexibility in applying licenses across the entire product suite. FlexNet Publisher is helping us to remain competitive in the market, and we can now relate and adapt to our customer’s needs more quickly and effectively. As we continue to evolve our product line, we see FlexNet Publisher as a key component of keeping us agile and customerfocused.

Gary Dransfield, Commercial Manager, AVEVA Engineering

Protect your IP with Dongles

Today’s application producers need flexible software licensing options to protect their IP against software piracy. Some application producers prefer the use of a dongle (or a combination of both software licensing and dongles) to protect their IP. A dongle is a serialized hardware key attached to a parallel or USB port on a computer that is used to limit or lock software access to whomever has the dongle attached to their system via the associated license file. With FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Publisher or FlexNet Embedded) software licensing and FlexNet ID Dongle you are provided with the software piracy protection you need to safeguard your IP.

Flexera Software is the obvious choice for any technology company that wants to effectively monetize and protect their IP in today’s constantly evolving technological spaces.

Juan Cordovez, Vice President, Sentinel IC Technologies

The Industry’s Top Choice for Protecting, Monetizing, and Licensing Software and Devices

Flexera Software is the industry’s solution of choice for software licensing, entitlement and compliance management, software delivery and update management. Helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to innovate products faster, streamline back-office entitlement management processes, and simplify software updating and distribution. Flexera Software licensing solutions are used by over 3,000 application producers to protect and monetize over 20,000 software applications. Flexera Software was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Software-Enforced License Management.

Flexera Software Professional Services enables you to accelerate and increase the value your organization receives from Flexera Software solutions. Each one of our experts average more than ten years’ experience in software entitlement, licensing, installation and packaging. Through subject matter expertise and a proven methodology, we can help you implement and evaluate current or potential strategies to achieve your business objectives.

Key findings from the 2011 BSA Global Software Piracy Study

  • Well over half of the world’s computer users admit pirating software.
  • The commercial value of pirated software climbed from $58.8 billion in 2010 to $63 billion in 2011, a new record, propelled by PC shipments to emerging economies where piracy rates are highest.


In addition to effectively eliminating revenue leakage due to piracy, FlexNet Producer Suite has allowed us to improve customer satisfaction and reduce our operating costs. For a small software producer like PMDG, all of these benefits travel straight to the bottom line.

Robert Randazzo, Chief Executive Officer, PMDG

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