Concurrent Licensing Datasheet

InstallShield® and InstallAnywhere® customers typically choose node-locked licenses when purchasing the products, which tie the product license to a specific user and machine. While this licensing type fits many users, some customers require concurrent licenses that can be shared between multiple users within the team.

Concurrent licensing is available as an alternative to node-locked licensing with current releases of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere. Concurrent licensing allows sharing of InstallShield or InstallAnywhere licenses between multiple users. This can provide companies with greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

Concurrent Licensing Quick Facts:

  • Concurrent licenses are only available for InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition (not for Standard) and for English and Japanese versions.
  • Concurrent licenses are only available for InstallShield Premier and Professional Edition and for English as well as the localized Japanese versions.
  • Maintenance Plans at either the Gold or Silver level are indispensable for concurrent licenses of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere.
  • The minimum purchase quantity of concurrent InstallShield and InstallAnywhere licenses is 3 user concurrent licenses.
  • Concurrent licensing is also available via approved channel partners, consult with Flexera Software Sales or your preferred reseller representative for details.

Benefits of Choosing Concurrent Licensing – Save on Costs and Eliminate Headaches:

Reduce Software Spend

  • Cut costs by eliminating unused licenses and maintenance plans
  • Base license purchase on actual need
  • Re-deploy under-utilized licenses across the enterprise
  • Move below a 1:1 license to user ratio

Increase Productivity

  • Allow on-demand license access for local and remote teams
  • Ensure latest license version with centralized maintenance
  • Maximze use with “follow the sun” licensing available 24x7, globally
  • Compliance for virtual development environments

Simplify Administration

  • Centralize software purchase to cut costs and administration
  • Streamline renewal date across licenses, across the organization
  • Leverage pre-negotiated volume license price in the event additional capacity is required
  • Eliminate license key generation and transfer requests
  • No activation/deactivation required

Ensure License Compliance

  • Eliminate potential of costly and unexpected audit penalties

Please read the FAQs below and contact Flexera Software Sales or your individual sales representative for more information regarding InstallShield and InstallAnywhere concurrent licenses.


What is concurrent licensing and how does it differ from the node-locked licensing?
Node-Locked License Concurrent License
License ties to a specific user and machine Enforces a maximum number of simultaneous (concurrent) users, not tied to individuals or machines
Sharing a license between multiple users, even if not simultaneously, does not comply with the EULA Sharing of concurrent licenses is compliant
Available for all editions Only available for Premier and Professional Editions (InstallShield) and Enterprise Edition (InstallAnywhere
Maintenance Plans recommended Maintenance Plans recommended to ensure flexibility in upgrading the license pool
No minimum purchase quantity Minimum purchase quantity of 3 user concurrent licenses
Does/will concurrent licensing replace the traditional node-locked licensing?
No. The traditional node-locked license will continue to be the most common license purchased. Flexera Software introduced the concurrent licensing option to benefit customers who want to purchase and use InstallShield and InstallAnywhere more flexibly and cost-effectively. The concurrent licensing option is also ideal for large companies with many infrequent InstallShield and InstallAnywhere users who want a flexible licensing model that enforces compliance without risk of audit later.
When should I choose concurrent licensing over node-locked licensing?
The traditional, node-locked licensing is a commonly purchased license type and may best serve the needs of the many of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere customers. Generally speaking, companies with 10 or more existing or potential users creating installations on an infrequent basis could benefit from moving to concurrent licenses. These developers can be in different locations (or even countries/continents), provided their machines are connected to the same network (and able to communicate with a central license server).
How are concurrent licenses packaged and what’s included?
InstallShield and InstallAnywhere concurrent licenses can be purchased in a minimum quantity of 3 user concurrent licenses along with required Annual Maintenance Plans at the Gold or Silver level. For every set of 3 user concurrent licenses purchased, 2 users are eligible to receive technical support (included in the maintenance plans). Two individuals must be specified as primary and alternate contacts for technical support at time of purchase; all subsequent support requests from anyone using a concurrent license have to be channeled through either the primary or alternate contacts.
How difficult is it to set up/deploy concurrent licenses?
Setting up concurrent licenses involves two main steps:
  1. Downloading and installing the software onto the user machines, and
  2. Downloading, installing and configuring the required software on a licensing server. Subsequently, every time a user starts InstallShield or InstallAnywhere on his/her machine, it will ping the server to verify that the required license is available and if so, grant the user access to the software. Such concurrent license configurations are common and should not present your IT staff with any problems.
How long will the concurrent licenses be valid?
Just like the node-locked licenses, concurrent licenses are perpetual and do not expire.
Which editions of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere are available as concurrent licenses?
Concurrent licenses are only available for InstallShield Premier and Professional Editions (not for Express) and InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition (not for Standard).
What localized versions of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere are available as concurrent licenses?
In addition to English, InstallShield concurrent licenses are also available for the localized Japanese version of InstallShield. Concurrent licenses are available for English and Japanese versions of InstallAnywhere.
What is the price of concurrent licenses?
Please contact Flexera Software Sales or your preferred reseller representative for a quote.
I already own node-locked licenses of InstallShield or InstallAnywhere, can I switch them to concurrent licenses?
Yes. Please contact Flexera Software Sales or your preferred reseller representative for specific upgrade pricing. Please note that concurrent licensing provides the most benefits to companies with a large number of node-locked licenses. The minimum purchase quantity for concurrent licenses is 3 user concurrent licenses.
I still have questions. Where can I learn more about concurrent licensing?
Please contact Flexera Software Sales or your preferred reseller representative for more information regarding concurrent licenses and the latest product information.

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