Licensing-as-a-Service Is an Integral Component of the IaaS Cloud Fabric

Flexera Software’s longstanding partnership with Microsoft has been expanded to enable application producers to seamlessly execute their enterprise applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Combining the power of Azure with Flexera Software’s FlexNet Licensing gives application producers the ultimate flexibility to monetize applications in a hosted environment, while also protecting their intellectual property.

Today, many enterprises require flexible, hosted offerings but are concerned that deploying their applications to the cloud will violate their software agreements or result in software audit true-up penalties due to unanticipated overuse. The Azure and FlexNet Licensing collaboration enables enterprises to deploy their FlexEnabled applications to Azure and be assured they will remain in compliance with their software agreements.

Application Producer Roadmap to the Cloud

Migrating applications to Azure provides application producers with scalability and flexibility. With the collaboration between Azure and FlexNet Licensing, current FlexNet Licensing-enabled, premise-born applications have a clear pathway to the Azure cloud.

We know that enterprises are demanding that their producers simplify licensing while also supporting new licensing models that align with their business needs. Cloud licensing services can help achieve that goal by removing the need to set up local license servers, delivering true ‘licensing-as-a-service. This can accommodate producers’ needs to monetize and protect their applications while satisfying enterprise needs for simplified licensing.

Amy Konary, Research Vice President - Software Licensing & Provisioning at IDC

By leveraging Flexera Software’s monetization engine in the cloud, producers will be able to:

  • Increase their market share by capturing revenue from customers that are shifting their priorities to cloud-based solutions
  • Capture additional revenue streams by attracting new customers through different usage models that align to different demand scenarios—burst of use, minutes of use, etc

Enterprises Reduce Cost and IT Burden When Moving to Cloud

Enterprises using Azure now have proven options for expanding their applications to the cloud to reduce cost and IT burden, while increasing availability and minimizing the risk of software license noncompliance. Enterprises using applications with FlexNet Licensing that are looking to harness Azure’s high-performance, elastic, on-demand computing environment can leverage an easy-to-follow pathway to initiate the migration process. Enterprises will also have a proof-of-concept process in place to migrate their other apps, such as home-grown software, to the cloud.

Monetize Software and Protect Intellectual Property

The collaboration with Azure enables application producers to monetize and protect software to empower enterprise customers to stay in compliance with applications hosted in the Azure cloud environment. FlexNet Licensing, composed of FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded, empowers application producers to combat software piracy and increase revenues by easily enabling new monetization, pricing, packaging and licensing models:

  • Creatively price, package and bundle products for broader and deeper market penetration
  • Quickly create lite, standard and premium product versions to better target customers and markets
  • Easily create multiple software products to address different markets and geographies
  • Efficiently enable cross-sell and up-sell for products licensed together as packages and suites
  • Select from a matrix of hundreds of licensing models, including locked, floating, named-user, subscription, capacity, metered, pay-for-use, payfor-overage, time-limited and many more

With FlexNet Licensing and Azure, producers can feel secure that their intellectual property will be protected and monetized in the Azure cloud environment.

Our market is changing rapidly, and our customers increasingly demand that we provide flexible, hosted offerings that align to their evolving preferences. It is clear to us that, with these new capabilities, Azure is a very attractive environment in which to host our applications, and Flexera Software has made it easy for us to get there.

Prashant Ambe, Vice President Development Services at ANSYS

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that gives customers the choice and flexibility to move existing applications to the cloud or develop new ones using the language and/or platform of their choice. We support popular standards and protocols including SOAP, REST, and XML. Developers can use their preferred programming frameworks including 5 that are available - .Net, Java, PHP, Python and Node.js. Client libraries for Windows client, Linux and Mac are available on the SDK side. Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive set of cloud computing solutions span the platform, application, and infrastructure layers providing the customer the ability to transition to the cloud on their terms, using it for private and public cloud services. For more information, visit Microsoft Azure.

About Flexera Software

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