InstallShield Suites

Simplifying Complex Installations with InstallShield®

While today’s software is getting more and more complex, consumers are demanding that installations become easier and easier. With InstallShield, it is easy to bring modular development practices to your installations. This enables you to break your applications into smaller components, which are easier to develop and maintain, but still provide customers with a simple and familiar installation experience.

Think of your installation experience as a jigsaw puzzle, where multiple pieces must come together to form the final picture: your application. With InstallShield, you can develop separate Windows®

Installer and InstallScript packages for each component of your application: the pieces of the puzzle. One of the challenges with this approach has been that your customers were then responsible for putting the puzzle together; often by downloading and installing several packages and following detailed steps in a complex installation guide. By bundling all of your packages together into an InstallShield Suite/Advanced UI installer, you mask the complexities of your installation, ensuring customers can easily and effortlessly install the finished “picture” from a single, convenient wizard.

With InstallShield Suite/Advanced UI projects, you can:

  • Refactor your installations into smaller building blocks, but deliver as a simple, single installer
  • Create installations that check for and download the latest component updates to ensure your users are always installing the most current release
  • Extend installations with PowerShell, InstallScript, and C# custom actions to run advanced configuration tasks
  • Build a single installation that can run in 35 different languages to support users around the globe
  • Empower your users to choose between installing web apps locally or to the cloud

Suiting capabilities are exclusively available with InstallShield Premier Edition, the world’s most powerful and flexible installation solution for Microsoft® Windows.

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